Friday, August 04, 2017

Thursday, August 3: Hot and Busy

I had a great difficulty getting up this morning I heard the alarm went back to sleep and the next thing I 
 now is 830. I fortunately ran into Tom getting ready for a job at Uber. I asked
 if you could give me a ride after we walk this dog. And he said sure I was lucky to get that ride and said 
 eing 40 minutes late I was only 15 minutes late. A ride to work and started
 working away. I had to work on the alerts but also add people to see all
 day. It wasn't that many people. Meanwhile it was pretty hot in the office. The AC wasn't working all that 
 reat. I swear to
 God the fans are turning on when they're supposed to. Anyhow I just take off my shirt and that helps. I went to the five-day again for a bunch
 of stuff to get me 
 hrough the breakfast. And part of the lunch. My date canceled so I decided 
 o buy a big old to know since I knew I 
 asn't eating a big dinner in Center City. I talked to my former supervisor 
 nd we had a good conversation in the parking lot. So my best 
 onversations have been in that parking lot. It's where I have my private conversations away from the office. I then went to coffee Joe and then went to a living sober meeting. After that I did the cat and he fell asleep from exhaustion be on OkCupid. I did one of my mass attempts deal. And you ended up taking a cab home because it was starting to rain.

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