Friday, August 11, 2017

Wednesday, August 9: Fake Drums and Tired

Well after staying up past my bedtime, Pat got up and I got up with him 
 bout 6:15 AM. I had an early breakfast of cereal 
 nd brush my teeth and decided that we would head on out 
 round 6:45. He was nice enough to drop me off at 49th and Hazel  here my l
 og sitting job starts. Being driven it really eats up time that I otherwise
 would be wasted trying to get there. So that the dogs and it was very
 nice outside. So I walked the dogs took pictures of them and then headed
 over to check out the cat. I feel fortunate that I did because the cat did 
 o a big urine on the Wii we pads that were set up. So I'm glad I did shop this morning in case they get
 home they hopefully will not see a ton of urine on the wee wee pads. So 
 fter I left the cat I caught a trolley pretty quickly to 30th St. Actually the trolley
 sat still for around the tunnel because they were backed up. I got to work about 20 minutes early and settle in for the duration. I primarily worked on alerts
 the 2 or 3 people that rescheduled for 
 oday just didn't bother to show up so I'm going to go to close 
 hem because they're just being wakka girls.  I think you're pretty tired and then 
  had lunch which did revive me. I finished off the rest of the leftover pasta and 
 rought with me. I do have some frozen samosas from yesterday's purchase. After work,
  I zipped out of the place and got the L. I went downtown and met Larry
 at the Starbucks. I had a huge iced coffee. I'm not I wasn't sure how well 
  would stay up a group because I did nap on the LY was going down 15th St. 
 roup was very intense this evening one person had to leave another person 
 elapsed and my "woman problem" was brought up or unrelated topic. I quickly wrote email 
 nd a text in reference to it. Afterwords I went to West Philly walk the 2
 dogs and then I had picked me up and drove me home. Boys are coming in 
 andy. I can get home in a half decent hour which is really nice

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