Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Tuesday, January 2: Busy @ Work and Cold as Usual

 Good day. Today’s the first day back to work after the 
 ompletion of the holiday season which ended yesterday New Year’s Day. I felt closer to 
100% but I have nagging scratchy throat 
 nd the nose is running. I managed to make sunrise about 1015 minutes late but at least I made it. I was reminded by 
 y sponsor that I have Fridays on January 12th and January 19, 2018. I’m leading the meeting then so I got to make a
 point of making on Friday tonight or what. I of course want to show up every day for the program. Today 
 as very intense meeting this morning. After that I talk to my friend Mike and 
 sked him to stay in touch. He seems to be doing pretty well. I 
 hen wobble off to catch the trolley in the L to work. Well I want to work and 
 his was the day that I thought might happen. Most of my clients manage to come in and 
 hen once you didn’t on the most part called to reschedule or one of them found a job. 
  was running around like a chicken seeing my clients. At the same time our 
 omputer system decide to act all stupid. I discovered that since December they changed the check 
 ates for this year especially in January. People that were supposed to get the
 checks today won’t get them till the fourth or the
 third. That’s what I that’s what I think caused the problem so they 
 ix the glitch after about an hour and a half but I was already behind. I managed to finish 
 round 3:30 PM and then ate some snacks for lunch. I stayed till almost 530 to straighten out my desk which looks like a cyclone hit it. I didn’t
 took the EL to
 13th St. and went straight home to eat leftover pasta, clean up the dishes and 
catch a nap. I want to my 7:30 session and it was good. Who’s there were some interesting chitchat we had that’s for sure i’m hoping to get together with Wes sometime this week. 

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