Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Monday January 1: It’s 2018. Featuring the Mummers

Well after staying up too late last night I got up around 10 made breakfast and 
 ung around my place for a bit. I then took a nap for an hour and then headed back down t locust Street just east of Broad Street. Guess
 what? The Mummers parade was well in progress. It look like it 
 as the comics streaming through Broad Street. I took a couple videos 
snapped out some pictures and got a load of the merryment. I checked out the Kimmel Center which was open to the public which 
was really cool. I  walked down to about Pine Street took a couple photos and headed back 
 owards Broad and Locust. I decided I’d come 
 ome to do some photo editing and warm up. Also had some deli 
 resh smoked turkey turkey breast that was in a package I bought. I’m going to 
 o back to the parade but first I’m going to sit here charge my phone and write up 
 his blog for a moment. I have to eventually head down to West Philly to deal with the cat and pick up my computer from Pat. I also hope to pick up some samosa snacks for lunch this week it work. well it’s going on 3 PM it’s really time to get something to drink here and then wobble on down to Broad Street check it out and then head out to West
 Philadelphia. The Washington Post came out with some predictions for the new year.  I have yet to read them yet but I figured I’d share the link. It’s 3:15 PM I’ve had my 

 range juice time to head back into the tundra. Well I went back and there is somewhat of a lag before the string bands for sure .
 I did get some pictures of string band members up close. It was starting 
 o get 4 PM and I know it’s going to get dark in about an hour and a half
  started to go through the underground to get to the EL. Well it ends 
 hen I had to climb up around City Hall because they’re doing construction on it to make it nicer
. They have a lot of work ahead of them that’s for sure. I eventually climbed up took a couple more pictures got yelled at for standing on the ledge and went to 
 atch the Market Street Line. Right now it’s 4:16 PM. I caught the trolley to take me out to 46th  & Baltimore. We just got out of the tunnel and I’m gonna go 

 eed the cat. Well the cat was fed and I ended up walking to pats house from there since the trolley to run and
 no coffee shop open. I saw Pat for only 
 bout a couple minutes because he was now to walk a dog for 
 omeone and then go driving. I then turned up the heat walked up and 
 ung out for little bit and his place. I then cited to head home and caught the L at 40th St. since I just missed a 21 bus after purchasing dinner and lunch for the next workday.

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