Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Monday, January 8: A Late Start and Early Dismissal

Hi. After staying up way too late putting photos on Instagram, I got up late and hustle as 
 uch as I could to get to work on time but that didn’t work. I did manage to bring a load of food 
 ith me. I attempted to catch up with my alerts because begin clean the page I’m working on it’s their 60 of them again. Word on the street states that the new ADA didn’t like The way our reports 
were completed. Anyhow I have you interruptions along the way and I did get some the 
 lerts done. We then heard that we are going to be let out early due to the pending icing of the streets. That was a big surprise. It was showing up on the state website and I got a call about that. Anyhow I’d last minute
 people show up and that was taken care of. I then left early and went home and proceeded to hang around take a nap. I then heard from Wes. Him and his woman  invited me to dinner at Petri’s‘s Pizza. Man that pizza
 and arugula salad were delicious. We talked for a while and hung out. There’s a couple  awkward moments which 
 ill not be discussed. Anyway I got the leftovers and they treated me which was very nice of them. I then went home and bought a 
 and talked on the phone for a little while and then it was midnight and it was time to get ready for bed. Meanwhile Alabama beat Auburn to

 be a national champion for the 5th time in 9 years. There’s something wrong
 on the same team keeps winning all the time becomes like NBA basketball.

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