Thursday, January 04, 2018

Thursday, January 4: Snow Wind and Cold. A Good Day 2 Get Work Done

Well I woke up and my friend from work called and he wanted to know 
 f we might have off but there was nothing on the state website
 so I told him no. I filled around and overslept for sunrise. I ended up getting out of the houseate and forgetting certain important and items. I did survive it though. Nobody really noticed it all. Anyhow I stepped outside and it was a gusty wind with bands of light snow whipping in your face. It was pretty bogus. The city closed and all 
 he public and parochial schools closed but here at the state we were expecting to be on time
 and stuff. Well I walk down a side street and then turned up to 13th St.. It was pretty good. I am snow was whipping real good. Once I got on the EL it went fine until we got past 34 street and then it just 
 topped once in between 34th and 40th and one time I just stop the 40th. We were given no reason why. They were to five minute delays in a row. I made it past that and 
 ot to work about 10 minutes late. The 88 was happy just to see me. At that point I was the only one Sedeo. Turned out to more people did
 manage to come in this morning. I decided I do a little cleanup 
 nd hit the alerts that were allowed to build up to almost 60 of them. What do you want left let out early so I just came straight home and I was thinking of going shopping at target I’m going to a meeting but I 
 nded up falling asleep and getting distracted. I also stayed up very late 
 hen I found out that I wasn’t going to have to go to work tomorrow. My supervisor called me. I couldn’t even believe it. The state never closes. It wasn’t snowing but I guess enough people couldn’t get out and the kids are all closed so maybe the state have someone of a conscience. I was looking forward to coming in just to get shit done but oh well I can sleep in now.

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