Saturday, January 06, 2018

Saturday, January 6: On a Mission Up and Down the Broad Street Subway

Well I woke up at a half decent hour this morning trying to plan out my day to get as much 
 one as possible while the sun was still up since temperatures 
 oing to drop to single digits tonight into tomorrow I took the Broad Street line 
 p to on the near fifth and chew Street and I did see a lawyer from the programs office right 
 here. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Anyway I took care of that errand which was very 
 nteresting and then I caught the 47 all the way down to 8th & Market. I then 
 an across the street and caught the Petco from there about a block from my place. That little ride was worth it because I don’t 

 have to be outside for that long period time. I then came home and discovered I had a package. Alice gave me a nice lens for my iPhone. I would have to read it and learn how  to use it. That’s very thoughtful gift. I have to thank 
 ou for it. I’m still waiting for the check from springboard media where I turned in my computer right after Christmas. That’s $550 that 
 ’m waiting for. Anyhow I call Best Buy and even without the credit card in my possession they said I could still use the line of credit. I’m gonna look for an inexpensive Windows computer so 
  can make the movie after I get home. When I went to the Best Buy via 
 EPTA. And I got off the bus late so I had to walk about a mile or so then I finally caught a seven b
us and got to the Best Buy. Once there I looked around and found one that was moderately
 priced. Not the cheapest but obviously not the most expensive
 either. I asked the man at the Best Buy if they had movie maker on it and he said
 he didn’t think so. Well I was in for a shock that’s for sure. I was thinking I could just find it and download it. More about that later. Well I

 timed this at the bus perfectly and caught it right outside after waiting only a minute. Worked
 out really nice is that I caught the Broad Street at broad and Oregon and that
 drop me off Walnut locus so I didn’t have much of a walk. I then went ahead
 and opened up my new computer and went ahead and set it up and was
 looking for the Hyundais movie maker and wen
t through a whole bunch of stuff to get that but that will be told more little bit later.

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