Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tuesday, January 9: SEPTA the latest start today

Well this morning I was treated to special treat of waiting 35 minutes for the Alta show up 
 estbound. There were six eastbound trains it went by before our one 
 estbound train came by. I went on Twitter and there were some angryfolks. I had my say on that. I was going twitter when SEPTA is 
 eing bogus because you can find out moreInformation th tells you over the loudspeaker. They first said to leave for up to 20 minutes then 
  reduced to 10 minutes me while I waited with a bunch of other
 people for 30 to 35 minutes this morning. I just got off the train and it’s 9:14 AM. I’m hoping 
 o beat my supervisor to work. Well I succeeded in Andover. She’s at a meeting
 all morning. A lot of my clients did show up today. One of them showed up and 
 ouldn’t wait so she’s coming back on Thursday. I worked run around and saw people 
 nd completed all the work for the carfare. So I don’t have that lingering around. My supervisor wanted to talk to
 me about sanctions and I would’ve but I saw people when I had to leave for the dentist 
so she said 9:10 AM tomorrow.I’m running late to the dentist appointment I’m hoping they will still clean my teeth.  Oh boy feels actually nice outside. It’s now 356 I’m supposed to be at the dentist in four minutes. I hope they fix the EL between this morning and now my therapist was canceled so I’m going straight straight to da Vinci’s for a meeting at 6 PM in South Philly.Well it’s 4:13 PM. This is what is breaking news on the BBC. Steve Bannon is quitting Brightbart! Conservatives are upset that he called Donald Trump son meeting with the Russians treasonous. Because Republicans now are the party of Donald Trump. Screw them all.

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