Saturday, January 06, 2018

Friday, January 5: A Surprise Day Off

Well after I stayed up till 230 or 3 AM I went back to sleep and promptly woke up around 1 
 ’clock. I laid around until about three when I finally ventured out of the place 
 nd decided I needed to do some shopping because I was pretty much out of every
 imaginable food stuff I needed a CanOpener gloves and other assorted household items as well. I managed to remember my backpack and a couple of my bags. I went
 there for a while wondering around and when I finished almost forgot I have my bags. The guy at the counter at target give me a 
free cloth bag to use. I was able to walk home fairly easily home. I guess anything it’s easier than carrying
 a microwave oven 3 1/2 to 4 blocks in the cold. 
 fter I got back and put my stuff in the fridge and other places I 
 ot ready to go to Larry’s. I walk down and caught a bus on chest not Street which
 I believe was the 42 bus. I stopped in for a coffee and then I went to a place called Big Ass Slices. 
  ordered a big piece and have them chop it in half. Seven bucks but it was plenty of food for
 me to bring over to Larry‘s. Once I got to Larry’s place, Larry went to the smoke shop and 
 eronica and I watched three episodes of CSI. I haven’t 
 een that show in a while. It was enjoyable. I was asked about editing the movie. I knew that was a strong signal to get a Windows

 computer and edit the movie already. It was made 
 ack in October. Just when things were getting shaken up with my living situation etc. and then came home feeling little worked up but I went to bed Ray to get something done tomorrow

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