Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sunday January 7: A Day of Concern and hope

After spending early morning our updating my new Windows 
 omputer and updating the windows 10 operating system I finally found

 where the new Windows movie maker was located. Microsoft no 
 onger offers movie maker as part of the operating system. It came as a very
 unpleasant  surprise when I went to the circuit city yesterday. I also realized that my worry and concern was due to previous bad decisions financially that I’ve made over 
 he last 
 ear or two.  I also called the credit card company and pay their bill. I then went to the opening. I wasn’t really 
 ecause there wasn’t that many people there yet at 2:30 PM I introduce myself to a few people an
d I was pretty pleasant. They then had an introduction of all the new artists that just joined. There were 18 of us. Most&of them showed up despite it being frigid cold. The president of the gallery spoken it was nice introduction. My mom and brother pain which is really cool. They came just before I was introduced. Afterwords we went downstairs and had some snacks got
 warmed up. Dave and I talked a bit an that was fine. They hung ou
t for about an hour and then they had to leave to not get extra charges on there parking. It was an hour for $12 in anything more than 1 our 
 ould cost them 25 bucks. After they left I hung out till 5 o’clock with Larry 
 nd Veronica. And went back home in master around with the new computer and found most of t he videos. I later found out there are some that just didn’t get found so I had to get those. I meant Larry Veronica Wes and Jenn at the Zaxby’s before you went to the 60 minutes. It was good to see everybody.

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