Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Wednesday, January 3: Cleanup at Work and a Night in the Suburban Sphere

Well hello there everybody this is your neighborhood blogger reporting from 
 Philadelphia Pennsylvania the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection.
We are encrusted in a frigid cold snap since Christmas Eve. Today we got 
 omeone of a break with a high without the 30°. This is about as warm as it’s going to be since starting 
 omorrow night the temperature is going to start the plunge until Saturday 
 ight when they’ll be in the single digits according to the latest weather 
 orecast. There’s also a nor’easter coming up the coast. Sure will get 6 inches we might get to to 3 inches. There will be a gusty wind starting 
 tomorrow. Well I got 
 n the work about 10 minutes late but my supervisor with him which is a good thing. 
  then proceeded to do some cleanup on the mess that I caused yesterday working my butt off. I then started

 to work on my report that was probably due yesterday. The system acted really slow
 the whole day. It was pretty ridiculous how slow moving it was. At least it was working. I even t
ook a video tape of left computer has grinding away buffering through Internet traffic. I 
 finally finished my report about 2:30 PM and proceeded to finish up that one pag alerts
 I have not worked on since last week. I got them done and I have a bunch
 people coming in tomorrow. I then left work around 5:15 PM caught
 the EL around 530 and then caught the train out to Melrose Park hang out with my friend. Ok!It was very interesting. Basically were talking about  folks that were kind of mean and stuff. They collected garbage about others.
it was another kind of personality that affected  lives. Nice

 group of people Amy drop me off at the train station and I caught the 9:30 PM train 
 fter waiting maybe 10 minutes. I then 
 ent to Pac a deli which is a half decent corner store on 12th St. near Chancellor. I then 

bought some food. Next I came home and ate and went to bed.

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