Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13: Hot Tuesday and Work B.S

 Well I had a really decent night of sleep. It will help like I was   leeping on a cloud. I wish I could replicate that nightly. I got up   nd did the Cupid ate breakfast and then ran out the catch the route 48 busWell the bus   as pretty packed with pregnant  women and young girls trying to impress people at work and find Mr. right. I   yself finished up yesterday's blog posting. I managed to get to work before my   upervisor house about five minutes late. She's been very somewhat strict about 10 time and attendance or is I'm calling T&A. I said   my morning greetings  to people. Next I changed into my work attire and   ut on the powder  to cool me off from the but walking around outside I did this morning. Well the morning started   ff with finding out I had training then people really started coming into the office faster than I   an keep up. They ended up ditching training if there was half done because I knew I was going to fall   ehind. Believe me I did fall behind. Then    get the manager and supervisor asked me how many people you got out front?? Etc. etc.  well or 1:00 PM the the cluster fuck and it which was good. I mellowed out the supervisor  mellowed out. I got some water and some drinks at the Bodega   nd I took a deep breath. Well after that I just finished   ff a few things and some change Center's alert. I then left work after changing and got a ride home   from a call dude I have to be my union rep. So we drove towards union hall I get   ut in the parking lot and then walk to 19th St. caught 233 bus down to 15th and Market. I then   ent to Starbucks and got the largest ice coffee I could grab my ass with. I'm gonna relax and   hen I have an appointment at 6:30 PM. The coffee was delicious I must say. It really cooled me   ff! I then talked on the phone  and had a nice time doing that. Enjoy the conversations immensely. She wear bows from there. I then on the way home got a slice of pizza and came home and saw Sharon

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