Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday, June 9: Payday and a Warm Up in the Weather

 Well after staying up way past my bedtime, I got up and Bishop with hanging out with me in the early   orning hours. He's very cute. But then realized I never took my two meds last night it was either put out. I   id however take my meds this   orning. That was a real relief. Most of my stickers are falling off. This is true even though they're the namebrand   ostage from 3M not the generic stuff that comes in a cute colors   esides yellow. Anyhow I clean my dishes fed the cats and headed on to catch the bus. I don't have  my morning coffee as often as I used to because  the coffee shop is closed and moved up to 17th St. I generally don't hang out 17th St. That seems to be the up-and-coming area renovated from being a slum. The Pennsylvania  Legislature did pass a pension reform bill after at least 10 years of Republican s   rying to push really ugly bill through. This one doesn't affect us as current   ommonwealth employees but will affect future employees. There will be a choice of 3 different choices of hybrid pension plans. Word  is that do unions acquiesced to it to prevent work bill to be presented. I know  what they mean because if the Republican wins next time around they would come up with a really bad bill. It turns out that James Comey the former FBI director, was prepared  or the hearing.   e took exhaustive notes in his meetings with Trump because he knew what kind of person  Trump was. Call me knew that Trump would lie about the nature of the meetings and what he said. Trump is just  a big ass liar.It turns out that James Comey the former FBI director, was prepared for the hearings. Well, I took the 21 bus down Chestnut Street and got off at 40th St.    got myself a decaf iced  Americano to call me often to wake me up a little bit. I think at the patch and I'm ordering a vegetarian platter.   hile doing that I'm watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN talk about the Trump Russia investigation that Robert Mueller will start at some point.

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