Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday, June 4: An Odd Sort of Sunday

 After  staying up way past my bedtime I got up at 7:30 AM and if you get to throw on my   lothes and head down to South Philadelphia. I went to the W of hope which used to be at church from what I'm told. Well they had real  milk there. We got a history lesson and it was very interesting.  I then asked for a persons name and   number of met last night at this guy's anniversary party  last night. I think that's why I motivated myself to get up early.  The dude was really  nice to me last night at the party so I said I would attend. I wanted to follow   hrough. After the meeting, I proceeded to take the Broad   treet line to Center City & towards the AC Moore 13th and Chestnut. I then got distracted by looking at Pinterest and they have different things    relate to on an emotional level.  So I did a little bit of people watching. I chose the app there for about 45 minutes. I ran into one or two people I knew one of them says she doesn't go   o meetings anymore. She was with her boyfriend dressed up quite nicely. I   hen added to AC Moore and bought $60 worth of frames and even matting . I have some idea maybe placing one of my photos on a canvas. I came home and proceeded 

  o take a nice two hour nap. When I got up I was completely exhausted. I'm called to make  a massage appointment and talk to somebody from OkCupid. I was in into
her voice that much. And then I finally showered up and saw Sharon   s she was coming in walking Bishop, Tom's dog. I think up to 48 and proceeded to wait at 19th St. for  at least 20 minutes suddenly I noticed the flashing blue light was going and it made me realize  that that the trolleys we're not running at all but then spied a route 48 bus and took the bus down to 16th St. & walk half a block to the entrance. Boy I reall I killed this day! Well I got to  Pat's and  ordered the usual food.   e then watched a movie about theRed  Baron. He was a fighter pilot who flew  for the Germans in World War I. That was interesting. Pat then drove me to the   hurch where I got there at 7:30 PM I get there first but right   fterwards other people came by so that was cool. It was decent   nd then I went and caught the seven bus on  the way home. Good day to observe people in this world of precious snowflakes that are our future. Of those will be wiser than our generation looking for for president

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