Thursday, June 01, 2017

Wednesday, May 31: Cloudy May Ends w/ Sun and Great Meeting

 Well here we are in the last day of May 2017. The state will not   xist again. It's been an interesting month but I think we're  ready to move on to June. I anticipate June will be hotter and sunnier than this may has been. I got to work a little bit late and got in that snap nailed. My supervisor bit in the crusty mood so    had to if you take time off. Anyhow after that    got into work and just try to take care of business since I didn't have any clients coming in. I've got I 90 person list to annotate before the end   f the week. I anticipated that means today or tomorrow. It's not gonna get done today  I can tell you that much but I've completed 20 so I only have 70 left woo hoo! The phone hasn't rang too much and I only had one walk in so that has made it a little bit better. I'm   till fighting this cold and right   ow as of 2:20 PM I just felt as good as I felt in the last 10 days. Well I finished off for   anctions I believe. So tomorrow I'm kind of hoping that nobody shows up so I can finish my report.    got distracted at the end but at least gave her for sanctions it hopefully willhi    leave me alone for the rest of the month ha ha. The new month is coming along tomorrow.    had to read surprise when I check my bank balance I managed to have them remove $70 worth of overture overage charges. Hard to   elieve isn't it is really sunny outside it's beautiful outside   nd even how to comprehend it it's not foggy cold misty and all the other fun stuff we had in the month of  May. My first meeting till since Sunday and it's Wednesday today it's at the Clubhouse home everybody know  if you druther pilot years except for me. Anyhow my name gonna go home and take my meds late.   hen we will  see what happens next. It's now 619 the movie meeting starts at 6:30.  Well that meeting was really good. A friend of mine spoke. And he was well liked by the  audience.  It  was a very exciting meeting. And actually walked with the young   ady and have a normal conversation. It's probably because she was 37 years old not 27. And hung out at home and that was that

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