Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14: Late Last Day @ Work

 Hello! I didn't sleep as well last night is the night before. That would've been pretty hard to do. I eventually got up Took a nice cold shower and gathered  my stuff! then  I realized it was  8:35 AM and I was still in the house. I know I was pushing it time and attendance there. I   aught the 7 bus just arriving & the trolley quickly but then the EL held us up for at least 6 minutes. Well I got off at 9:10 that'll probably be   he difference between   eing "on time" and being late. Basically is 9:15 AM is the cut off we don't have a chance of    being on time. Generally takes me about 5 to 6   inutes to walk from the train station to the entrance to the building. I am feeling I'm   ust gonna have to put my earphones on and focus and not listen to the noise around me. I have to concentrate    to get my response to the email about the duplicate sanctions   nd write up a section packet or two and follow up on all the people didn't show up yesterday.   nyway the weather is a lot cooler this morning. I still came  in my shorts and T-shirt because I still get worked up because the humidity is a bit higher today.   ell I got to work a little late but it wasn't a big deal. I was mostly left alone. It was on only one emergency  now to throw into the song. The two or three duplicate sanctions we're done by me and I   pprove of it so that was a good omen for me that I would get through the day without   too much stress. We managed to eating at my desk area little bit before I left.   I already had signed out earlier this morning. Well after work I decided I would head straight   o Fairmount and I decided to get a nice coffee at OCF coffee house. I enjoyed my time at a large iced   offee and then went to the courthouse. The speaker is pretty   ood but very good. I actually shared and then I felt really weird and funky afterwards.  I decided then to take a nice walk wards the art museum. It was such a nice day out and I  had a feeling there's gonna be a nice sunset. Well I was right about that. There's a really beautiful sunset. I took a lot of pictures 
  nd I would've taken more but my battery died while I was at the waterworks. It was a good   or me to mellow out. It was about 845 when I got home and I talk to the phone and that was an   nteresting call. We're still in the friend zone. And then made a whole bunch of   asta went upstairs and framed photos for the rest of the evening. No it's a pretty late  framing the photos. I just got really into it. These were the frames that I bought several weeks ago @AC Moore.
I was in a mood after a very hot day. They were work went well the positive mood got interrupted and the woman thing went towards the friend zone. I did get good advice for my sponsor and the therapist. She so my moody. I did eventually get packed

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