Saturday, June 03, 2017

Friday, June 2: Not Feeling Sick and First Friday

 After a fitful sleep, I got up and got myself the work.    was a bit late which wasn't cool but at least got to work. Got to work and had the report to finish and a lots clients   to see. I came in and pushed ahead and saw a few people.   hen. I had to do usual Friday gabfest across my booth. I talked to my friend from Baltimore about this and she asked a  few questions and I just answered and I got that out of my system. I had leftover Indian for lunch and then I pushed ahead and try to get as many 9 A- 45's on before the report is run over the weekend. And so I frantically   went through my piles to see what I could get done before the run. I then realized I had at least 50 alerts that money even  touched yet. Now of course they'll show up in the report there's really nothing I can do. Peter was out sick and because  of scheduling and carfare he couldn't schedule anybody   or the entire week. This just proves that if I don't have somebody  helping me schedule there's no way I can keep up. Anyhow I left work and decided  I would go to first Friday with Larry. I decided that I wouldn't eat if I wasn't hungry and sick   o go to Larry's and crash if I could. While they ate I had a great nap. Went  to the First Friday and it was really enjoyable. Veronica encouraged me to make an application  to the 3rd St., Gallery. I figured what the hell do you know if they turned me down  I'll have that experience and not have to pay their somewhat exorbitant fees to be a   member. After we strolled around and I took a bunch of pictures, we went back to Larry's and watched Close   Encounters of the 3rd kind. I had it mixed up with ET. Lisa did too when I talked to her. Anyhow it was entertaining Richard Dreyfuss was in  it. After that I left about 10:30 PM. I caught the 33 bus and came home to a pitch dark house. I cooked up one of the   amosas what some ice tea and went up to my comfortable abode. As I got tired and after   hinking it could be a big change happening at the end of the summer. It's exciting yet potentially disruptive. I'm just going to give it up to the universe and not overthink it

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