Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday, June 11: Trip to Conshohocken. LOST MY WALLET😡

 Will have to have decent night of sleep I got up around 9 o'clock so    could make it to the clubhouse for the 930 meeting. I got my iced coffee and proceeded on word. I was on time which was good.   hat was pretty  close but the fifth step. Afterwords I talked to my friend and he  invited me to his new cabin in Scougal County about two hours away. Who's committed   e were going to go to Detroit in 2020 for the convention. I wanted to get the stuff done   y the end of summer so then we could be committed  and have some place close by instead of 20 miles late 2015 in Atlanta. That was a nice way to   nd the meeting. And then went home but before that I went  to CVS and finally picked up my Strattera script. And then went home and picked up the stuff that I've left downstairs.    then proceeded to get my ass out of the house before I end up   issing the bus. Well I made the train on time. I get off the couch and I can exit   nd booked a battery. There I saw the car coffee shop. It was really cute look like a   little townhouse. I went in there ordered Tea for her and coffee for me and I said and edit it some photos. She came in and we  decided to sit outside under the shade. We had a very animated   nd lively discussion battle kind of stuff from relationships to income maintenance. I   hink we are driving each other's company. We hung out for about an hour and a half and then she drop  me off at the train station. I've been took the train back feeling pretty good.  I got to 17th and JFK    I was just about to board the 38 bus and I realized that  I didn't have my wallet!!!  I   etraced my steps back to the train station and there was no wallet laying around. I had to  walk home  with no cash and no SEPTA card What a pain in my ass!!! I came home and I was perfectly exhausted   nd hot and worn out. My room is way too hot so I went ahead and covered up all the windows and everything from shirts to Joe Biden signs  to old photographs. I also mustard The energy to install the air conditioning unit. It was heavier than I thought but I was fortunate to be able to jam in the window fairly quickly. I then just lie down half naked and passed out. I just got up I'm on the go to brush my teeth cancel my cards etc.

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