Sunday, June 04, 2017

Saturday , June 3: A Meeting Putting it Out There

 I had a really good night sleep last night that I really need it. I set the   larm for about 8:30 and wobble out of bed around 9:00 AM. I bought myself a granola bar at the OC have coffee house  and caught up with my blog postings from Thursday and yesterday.  I got here actually a little early cause my mind thought it was at 9:30 AM meeting. As I stood out here talking to Siri and writing up my blogs it started dripping rain a  little bit. Not enough  to get me wet but rain anyhow. I did not bring any umbrella. I was thinking about   ur texts it's that what OK then. I just had some big bad dude say kike kike kike ring from the   lubhouse not batting and I am just walking away. People were really shocked   hen mentioned it. Going back to noon meeting I feel pretty good and Idecided to go to OCF to  have coffee   ouse if decided to go to OCF Coffeehouse and chill out and have a coffee. Land of going to the infamous OkCupid and got myself into a long conversation texting back-and-forth. It was very interesting. Good fodder for Tuesday night. I then called around at home and did something inappropriate. I didn't think it was as bad as some others but still pisses them off. The next thing you know it it was 325 and I need to get to the  photo Lounge by four. The 48 bus was supposed to come at 3:33 PM to 7 bus  showed up around 3:40 PM. The 48 was running late because the;10th annual Roots Picnic is under way. It's at Pens  Landing & the 48 and the 21 run right  up in that area.     ell I went to patch and we had our usual Indian food. Which we then sold a film about the Nevada triangle  where planes get lost in it. It's right near area 5 in the   iddle of nowhere Nevada. It was very interesting. Next I took a short nap well that was fixing his plane. 

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