Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Tuesday June 6: Cool Grey Day Working

 When I got up a little bit earlier today. My backpack along after   aving cereal for breakfast and heading down to the bus comes the bus. 48 showed up fairly quickly and I moved along to the trolley. I got it working   ame time as my supervisor so I was not that late. I got in around  9:02 AM  this morning.  With the help of my buddy at work we got through the latest batch of alerts and I put   he A-45's in the computer then he mailed out the appointments. Most of my appointments that were scheduled did not show up. This means  I   ave to go ahead and put them on the list to be sanctioned along with the 109 that  are already on the way to solicit just came out today. So the day wasn't bad except I just realized I did not  take my meds this morning I didn't bring my jacket either so I don't have my extra so I'm going up to take   hem after my appointment. My appointments at 6:30 PM at 1420 Walnut. I thin I will   top at the elixir café. Actually I'm here right now I'm writing this blog   nd going on the sites. Well I hope Ihad my appointment it was a bit different than most girls are pretty  good mood but we did discuss certain things like me forgetting to take my meds and putting Post-it notes on over my room to remind me. Also there was a note sent to  me for a reevaluationhi   of my benefits i'm hoping to find it. I came home and got my package which   ad both on   Medicaid powders and they've Bluetooth speaker. I then had some   onversation and they were very fruitful. At least I hope they are in the long term. 

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