Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Wednesday, June 7: I Work on a Cool Day

 After a really funky sleep, I woke up feeling like I slept but I really c ouldn't get my REM sleep going. So I feel very tired and not all that well rested. Manage to get in the work on time because  I got a trade to the timely fashion. I   hecked out in the same time as my supervisor again. I just started work then started plotting  along . Today   as a very talkative Wednesday for some of my coworkers. There was an hour here an hour there. It's quite fascinating how   uch people can talk through work on me and it never fails to amaze me.I like to think I got as much done as I could. I didn't do any follow up on yesterday's  no-shows but I did do a little bit of sanctioning and what not. Oh well I hope they change   t so that you'll be five caseloads and set of four. But that's up to management. They then finished up work by   nswering a few Change Center tickets and then wobbling off to the EL and then to  the 33 bus. I was lucky to catch the 33 bus because it was waiting there at 15th and   FK at a red light. I got on the bus and I was so tired that I decided to just take a power   ap on the bus. Young mothers were walking by but I didn't care I just want to get rested up so I   on't fall sleep at the meeting. Well the meeting was OK it was more   ypical. The dude Swift about his 40 year marriage because someone in the program. The young girls  love that stuff!
They wanted what he has! After that I came home and did at least 15 minute power nap. I then spoke on the phone and had a nice conversation with a new friend. And then I talked to Amy and just fell asleep.

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