Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday, June 17: A Busy Day @ a Graduation

 Well the alarm went off at  6 AM  and we had to get up early. Alice's   ar broke down so we have to take Uber to the graduation which is like 80 bucks to spend on the ride. She handled it in stride.  she thanks burg car is not seriously damaged. She thinks the sensors went haywire   ecause she didn't put the emergency see break off all the way   hile she was driving.Boy I slept like a rock. I got to get her up because   he's very heavy sleeper and she's been driving around all day. I was the first one up and Adam so  I got coffee for both Alice and myself. It's now 7:09 AM and   e're hoping to be able to rent a car with enterprise. We're going to check out a day   arly from the hotel. This just out, A mistrail has been declared in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case. They   ould still reach Ryan but I think he's probably dodged a bullet. Yes mesogonamy   ahas taken over again! Well I decided to take the trip   ith Becky and her friend so I would be on time for the graduation take   pictures. The ride was really fun. We rode in the car and make fun of Jackson Browne   ong Lawyers in Love. It is the goofiest song I think that man is ever written or signed. I got to get a copy of the lyrics. Went to the university and easily find a parking spot. He then took  someone of a long walk towards the graduation area. We walked towards a  lagoon that is near the campus. The area where the ceremony was held abuts the natural  lagoon.  Well I I went off from the others to look 4 a good place to eat a photograph or two or three at a graduation mode. They had  a lot of graduates and replace with Gordon pretty tightly. I looked   on the right side of the stage looked around and took some broad crowd shots.  I chilled around there for a little bit. I decided I'd move around towards the center and then I  went to the left side facing the stage. I took a couple pictures of the speakers and videotaped a little bit of their   resentations but not that often. Well after that I managed to stay on the left side of the stage and it was a pretty good angle for the graduates. That was because the graduates which we are walking towards my way so  realized that my camera view was close enough to get a half decent picture.  I then discovered that doing video was gonna work out better because I could just use  stills & that's exact moment I want to get. Not 
   problem with the ceremony is that there was no particular order of who is going to be cold next.   here was no Alpha and there was no school of science is in school of arts. So    had to stand there until I can recognize Hannah through the whole crowd. Well Hannah showed up and I managed   to get a decent picture of her as she was walking towards shaking hands with the commencement speaker and the head of the University. I was pretty psyched   that I got the  good pictures. After I got the pictures, I went back to find the folks  I was with. I was really hungry so I got myself a breakfast burrito. I think at the spot real  nice and it was only six dollars. Well calls were made by my nieces and we met Alice at a restaurant nearby within walking  distance. She had rented a brown truck because there was no other cars available during   raduation weekend.  We really joyed the restaurant. The food   as mighty tasty. We happen to hang out and yuck it up for a while. I got  a lot of good pictures of everyone chatting and everybody giving Hannah their   raduation gifts. I'll send her a photo album through the Internet. I think that would be my best idea. Actually Alice thought  of that idea. After we ate we went to the beach and played around for a while. It was really fun   nd easy going well after we did that, Alyssa can do my own thing so Iimmediately called   my friend I met in Philly. And she pick me up 15   inutes later. Meanwhile   my charger had run out but I was able to get it charged for us by a   woman who knew Hannah. She let me use her car charger.   then I went to Hannah's place. It was pretty cool a bunch of people that live there. I was told 12 people live there. It was very very much like us   California commune. It was nice and open and very relaxing. I even got to take a  nap there as well. That was very pleasant. I stuck to my own business as the very handsome looking boys and girls were chilling out and making   inner for themselves and the guests that were coming over. The guests are the parents and uncles and relatives of the graduates   nd friends of the graduates. I had a little bit there the food was pretty good for a party atmosphere that for sure. Yes they had beer but it wasn't like a ridiculous college party. It was very  mellow and chill. After we hung around it had its place, we went to the big old shindig   arbecue that they were having. It was pretty   well packed. We had a pretty good time and then we left around 9:30 PM for the 45 minute drive  back to Ventura in the Marriott hotel. We got home we just mellowed out and we just listened to our own entertainment on our own individual iPhones that we had with us.   I am told I snore. It was a very fun day for this 55 year old man who   ppreciates the chance to see how the other half (of the USA) lives. At the end we got some snacks and park the funny looking orange and brown pick up truck but I also rented in with the bad

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