Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10: A Funky Day w/ Public Transit

 Well I got up I'm pretty good time after  decent nights sleep.I enjoyed that immensely. It wasn't too hot in fact it was perfect temperature  to wake up to. I did my thing had breakfast and stopped over at the OC have  coffee house before hitting the 10 o'clock meeting. I was about 15 minutes late.   t was on the third step. After that I looked at my phone and realized that I was   oing to be running late to my 12 o'clock meeting in New Jersey in Burlington.   ell I got the 33 bus at 19th St. and he proceeded to go on the way out detour all the   ay to Vine Street then go all the way to 8 10th St. and then finally hit eighth and market. I was a minute late for the Petco. I just try to take   ber to Walter Rand Transportation Center. Just as I was getting out of the Uber to the train had gone by. 25 minutes to kill so I decided to go to   VS. I got locked into  looking at a life magazine special and Frank. I walked out and I missed the second train. I then decide to take Uber  and cut my losses. Well we met and took a little walk to downtown Burlington and  then we had lunch. Lunch was very pleasant she was very nice. We were walking back and went to a little  antique shop. After that, I saw the train was coming and I said oh boy I'm going to make the train on time." Well there were two cops sitting there and I didn't have a ticket. So I had to let the train go by because you can't pay cash on the train.  You must have a ticket for  the train . It's a good thing I did that because I was told by others waiting for the train that  it's a $75 fine. So   'm waiting here at 2:50 PM for the 308 train to finally show up. Well I caught the train and   hen we hit Palmyra there for cops and they totally busted this one dude. Anyhow  I decided to head up towards 16th and Locust so I can go to the App Store and charge my phone. My  phone died waiting for the PATCO coming back to Philadelphia.. While  I was charging my phone I had a personal emergency I had to run over the Starbucks  and heed the call of mother nature. And then the bathroom didn't have toilet paper.  It's been kind of in a pinch her today thanks not quite working White and sink but I'm   oming out of it OK. I'm now the AT&T store working to get this phone up to charge 10% and   hen hit 8th and Sansom to see a friend. It's now 5:32 PM I'm gonna leave the AT&T   tore right now. They were really cool letting me sit here for 20 minutes to recharge my phone . I didn't bring my battery charger with me. Its really nice day out here and it's starting to   ool off so it'll be a good time to leave. I left the AT&T store and proceed to get    phone call from someone I knew from high school. She became an income maintenance  caseworker just recently and wanted to talk about that. Wind up talking about her working   t band garden and a personal situation in mind and we agreed we would meet up in Conshohocken tomorrow at 2:00 PM. I've   ritten to her couple years   go so was very cool it when I actually meet for the first time since high school. Well after that, I attempted to get a hold of a   riend it's  andsome but they weren't answering so I ventured back to Starbucks took care of    Mother Nature. After I did that I talk to Larry for a moment and went back to the AT&T store to get recharged. I'm definitely bringing my charger with me on my journey to   onshohocken. Well after a bit and I finally got the 48 after waiting a while as usually do at night with the 48. I came home and talk to Amy and then watch some videos. That's about it. It was actually very fun more kind of day. I just let the universe   uide me. I like it when my head is in a good place in a good space it makes life so much more enjoyable. I ended my night by going to Luigi's pizza Fresca for a delicious  tuna grinder.

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