Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monday June 12: Aftermath of Lost Wallet

 Well I set my alarm for 6:30 and managed to get up fairly quickly. This is because    know what I have to get done today to move on with my life and get my shit together. I've already canceled my credit card last night and I just canceled my key   ard this morning.   'm periodically calling the lost and found with the faint hope that it will turn up. First place I went to was SEPTA. I minutes to  scrape up change to get 13th and market. That   as pretty low hassle I must give SEPTA kudos for that I got my card pretty quickly. Now I'm at the TD Bank.  I  know have to decide whether I sit and waited PennDOT before work or I sit and   ait to PennDOT and leave work early. Meanwhile I'll call the SEPTA  lost  and found with the faint hope that some good hearted person return the wallet or somebody   xcept of actually found it. While I was waiting to get my check card back I called SEPTA  Lost & Found and buy some providence of God himself they just turned it in when I called. So now I'm   ff to get my wallet. And I don't care if I'm late to work now.  Well I got to work exactly 48 minutes late. My supervisor is on them like a hawk I had   ne appointment that came in and when walking  total. Mostly the phone was very quiet and I was able to at least get three sanctions in. A 4th will be done for sing tomorrow  morning. 2 others were closed due to return mail and close to the unemployment  income. Yeah I was nitpicked again today a little bit. I suppose that just gonna be  the way it is. Well speaking of work, the Governor signed the latest pension reform bill into law. This legislation will only affect future Commonwealth employees hired after 2018. It's a good thing to get the pension issue out of the way since  this doesn't harm current ploys it's   robably a good idea to get this one passed! Well I'm sitting at coffee Joe's relaxing after work. There   ere a couple guys that were very animated sitting nearby. It's really nice and  cool in here. Well a California federal appeals court ruled against Trump's travel ban. This is   ood news. However the case will end up at the Supreme Court.  It's now 6:34 PM I  declined to skip the meeting and we have a beach. I'm not that hungry and I kind   f want to just go straight home too. I'm gonna call my friend from high school around 8 o'clock. Next I am  going to the Monday night beginners at 6:45 PM but I was so tired I had trouble  staying awake during the meeting. I came home and got creative but will have to do it another way. I didn't talk to the phone and passed out asleep tired from the long day.

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