Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday, June 18: Ventura then back to San Diego

 Good day. I got up a little later this morning around 9:00 AM. I was   ore drowsy and tired of this morning than I was yesterday. Well not really I was more   rouchy this morning. We actually had to wait for breakfast because it was very crowded do it being Father's Day.  Alice,  Mimi and I got up and had breakfast at the eating area at the Marriott. It was a buffet style. We 
  had to wait a little bit because there was a crowd. The guy at the front   was pretty hairy and grumpy. The buffet had some pretty good food in it. I had various fruit and muffin eggs and a cuppa coffee. Alpice and I both read copies of the Wall Street Journal  and I completed  my blog posting about Hannah's graduation from  yesterday. It's 12:29 PM and we're checking out and removing our items and heading  back to San Diego we thought about going to the beach in Ventura but it's a bit overcast and cool for that.It looks like well everybody's paying attention to Trump being investigated for Russia,the administration is rolling back Civil rights protections   across the government.  We're driving down US 101 prevent sure  through LA to San Diego. It is now 12:17 PM Pacific  time. So far it's going fairly smoothly. Time for some grumpy 😦👀 
Right now we have the Moth on the radio. It's this ultra cool intellectual NPR- type program. It's got some of the hippest storytellers ever. You know comics who produce highly attractive shows and meet their husbands after HE GOOGLED her. I mean if I did that I probably be arrested and shunned for being some kind of weirdo. I mean really think about that for a minute. What is hip for some is just plain 
weird and creepy for others. Well, I then got depressed moody  and put a post on this website. we're about an hour and a half from San Diego now as of 2:23 PM I'm sneaking some serious well nobody can   ear me. I've been writing back-and-forth to different peopleI shared my rant for the few people in my depressive little thing I put on this The picture is very artistic so I decided to try something moody today on it.  When I take it advantage   f my moodiness and make it artistic because otherwise being this moody is just not fun. It's Father's  Day today and I just saw this article in the USA T oday about a man whose father who was not around a lot. He thanks his Father in a backhanded way but now he wants to be super dad.. I don't know   ow I feel about it but I feel like posting it. It's 4pm and we are30 from home at this time. I am tired of being in the truck. It won't be long. The Moth is STILL on so I am on headphones listening to The Go Betweens now. They are one of many   roups that I was into back in 1990. We actually got home more like 4:15 PM. We brought in all the clothes and I took a nice shower. I really needed it I was pretty gross. We're just settling in now and it's 4:50 PM Pacific time. well, we settled in and head in takeout Indian food which was very very good. I was loving that stuff. We then settle down and watched a really creepy movie called "pet" it was very creepy and suspenseful. we then follow movie called Saint Ralph. Which was a cute coming-of-age movie about a dorky kid at a Catholic boarding school who almost when's the Boston Marathon. then it was time to hit the sack and get a good nights sleep

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