Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday, June 15 Philadelphia to San Diego

 After  spending the evening eating my dinner and framing about 10 photographs, I started to   ack and get ready for my trip. I think I got about three hours sleep. I was up at two in but   'm a thought of going back to sleep it would've been for party because I have to  be up by 4:30 AM and be at the airport by 5:15 AM. I called UberPool and gone half off. Instead of spending $24 for the trip I spent  about $15 bucks for the trip. There was no one else to be picked up which worked very well  for me. I got to the airport and was very fortunate to get on the expressway with the   omeland security and the TSA.  Instead of plastic bowls to put in your keys   nd wallet and other things out of your pocket, I am was to just put it in my backpack and   lace the backpack through the machine. That worked well.  The plane  ride went smoothly. It was on the meter playing Philadelphia to DC. Want to go to the   C airport really cold dollars, with a woman long way to get to terminal A to  terminal C. That is so large & zigzags. I was able to get there in plenty of time and we boarded trip from Dulles in DC to San Diego. 
My Internet access runs out pretty soon because I only bought an hour. I feel pretty good considering I didn't get much sleep. I arrived at the airport got some coffee at a place called Ryan Bros. And stood amongst the palm trees awaiting my sister to pick me up.

well she's running a little late it's 11:24 A and I did just get picked up. Mimi drove  the car and house and I got did some catching up as we drove up the highway towards pow way. I found out the itinerary which is pretty loose at this point since I'm your only family member that was able to come up. With him but went back to her place and I had some delicious noodles   ith tofu that she made up. We talked about going to meetings etc. I decided that I would  do errands with Alice and do stuff and she would get some things done. since there's no hurry to get up to Ventura now that my brother David son able to go. We picked up   ome refreshments went to AAA and then we went to her office. I was  looking at some of the cool children's books that she had. I really enjoyed them   I could really relate to them.  I'm just chilling out while she's   aking care of some business. It's a beautiful day out today. We left her office and then we get  a couple more errands completed. Went to the car   ash to get Mimi's car washed and Alice's car washed  and then we stopped and got some gas for Mimi's car   hich was running on fumes. The filth 15 1/2 gallons was 43 bucks. California is   till the most expensive gas in the country. Next we went to the bank and Alic made    bunch of deposits just before the bank closed. Well we came back and Alice I mean you went on errands and I ate a bag of chips and fell asleep. Alice came home and bought me a delicious burrito that exit french fries inside the burrito. We then just hung out and end of the day

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