Monday, June 05, 2017

Monday, June 5: Overcast but I Slept Well

 Well after a really good night sleep, that I'd like to copy night after night,  I really had a good night sleep I mean I slept like a rock. I've got a remember this feeling.  got up after hitting   the snooze button at 8:17 AM. I caught the bus justin time     and trolley but the Elvis a bit slow. Thank goodness my supervisor was running late so  she didn't catch me being 15 minutes late. I was left alone and some follow up . My two cubicle mates who like to talk a lot  were not in so I had the cubicle farm all to myself.  Anyhow, my friend scheduled a whole page of alerts for me. That   ets rid of 25 names. I have   nother list and I just deleted all the names and saved a copy. There are some names that were going to be   ver due tomorrow. I did not do any sanctions I didn't even send out the sanctions that I've given to me. I hope to do that first thing in the morning before everybody comes in.Well, they ended it without incident and then I got EL and then the trolley. I went to coffee Joe and got myself an iced coffee and that was really good. I'll news  outside my bubble, there is hope for this country. A 2 to 1 margin opposes the presidents withdrawl from the Paris Climate Accord. This is according    to the Washington Post. What remains to be seen of this translates into games by the Democrats for a change

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Stuart said...

Man, I could use a good solid night's sleep myself.