Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wednesday, October 3rd: More Training

Well it’s now October 22 when I’m writing this so I don’t know if I have much to say so I’m going 2
 look at my pictures and post them and see where it happens from there.Well I know that we had to have another training at work on this day. Seems like we have training like every month and they tell us within a week so you don’t have time to change your appointment 
 ates if need be. So the weather was a bit cool but it was pretty nice out that’s
 for sure. I want to boot I at lunches I want to the Budick at lunches
 per usual to get out and get some fresh air and got myself a couple snacks 
 long with my lunch. Will have to work I had a downtown and 

 ot us need peek at what they’re doing with love part. They’re renovating it and they’ve
 been doing that for the past two years. 
 t really did need to work that’s for sure. Then I caught the bus up to 
 rewerytown Routes going to go to the drive-through and me to date. October

 is traditionally been a month of High hopes in that department. It looks 
 ike we’re on that same path. Well the date was OK but the enthusiasm for 
 lacking and she didn’t ask a lot of questions. That’s generally 
 ot a good sign when they’re doing a checklist. I was never 
 ood at tests so I’m not expecting all that much to turn up after that

. Well photos were taken of the room in a Las Vegas hotel that a man shot and killed 50 people back on October 1. Going to politics this country nothings going to change and respect to gun laws. I am looking around for possible places to live and Brewerytown at this moment