Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Saturday, September 30: Dates None. Fun, YES!🤡

Well today I thought I might’ve had some dates but I know how 
 they can come and go like the wind. And as such great philosopher Glutious Maximus once said. When they 
 on’t shop or
 like you they are probably doing you a favor. Glutious Maximus 
 s such a practical philosopher I can’t even fathom how cool he is. I bet you never heard
 of him😜. Anyway I got up early because I’m heading to 
C ollingswood New Jersey to meet a friend. They have a farmers market every Saturday I’m told. It’s a 
 eally nice day to walk around it. I took the 48 to 8 street and then walk the PATCO Hi Speed-Line we
 quickly after I got off the L. My friend picked me up at the 
 ollingswood needed to walk about a quarter-mile to the farmers market. 
 armers market was right next to the PATCO Hi Speed-Line track tressals. 
 ith warmest market had all the pressure of good looking food. Bikl 
 ind of crept up but The sun held out it turned out to be a really nice day out 
 t the farmers market. Well we parted ways and then I headed back downtown 
 hilly be at the Pat go. I got off at 15th and Locust and I needed a charge from 
 y phone. I went next to Ritttenhouse Square  where there with a 
 armers market of its own there. There is lots of cool flight for the eyes and I took a bunch
 pictures there. I then ended up going to CVS in buying a huge amount of photos for Clive and
 developing some of my photos. Came out to $180  dollars. I’ve been
 stood on the corner in different parts of the building for people from 
 arious angles. I had a pretty good time. And then eventually I took 
 he bus back home and there’s a really nice sunset so I took some pictures there. It wa
s a pretty good day.

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