Friday, October 06, 2017

Sunday, October 1: Fairmount and Johnny Brenda’s

Well, got up in the usual way and walk them Fairmount Avenue 
 nd hit the clubhouse. I was running late but I wasn’t real anxious about 
 t  That was a good thing. Well all this was going onwhile well our wonderful president with
 making an ass of myself and verifying the country in Puerto Rico. 

 hen I came home and decided to go to my Pat that afternoon naps. After I got up I hung out with 
 haron for a while. But it was really being cute and I had a nice
 relaxing time. I then went down to Johnny Brenda’s to meet
 someone who often on I touch base with on the Cupid. She’s
 nice and all but I  certainly know she did not appear like the picture. We talked

 but we didn’t connect. I then went right to the Sunday night meeting I 
 ent straight into Center City on the market Frankford line and then went straight to Saxbys and got the coffee. 

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Timmy Landry said...

omg! can’t imagine how fast time pass