Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tuesday, May 9: Sunny Cool and an interesting day

 I woke up to a cool day with nary a cloud in sight.  The wind is calm and I'm running late to work. I got up with time to llspare but it just took me a little while to   et going in the shower with my distractions. I was going to stop for coffee   but fortunately I didn't. The moment I decided not to get coffee I saw a route 40 bus for speeding across Fairmont Avenue and 23rd. I had    feeling  that there be a route seven bus trailing close behind. I was correct there was a route seven bus but before that another 48 bus was moving  right along. So I got off the market praying for now and it is   ow 9:11 AM. If I got that cup of coffee I would've missed three buses.  As it was, the EL took almost 10 minutes to show up.
I got to work but I was not marked down late    It's now 1:34 PM. I'm getting something to drink. My throat is  really dry  but I'm fine otherwise. The record will show that I have 12 sanctions done last month so the harassment should be reduced this month. I'm also have  93 now in the sanction process. Not all of them will get sanctioned but I have to show but I've done with them if anything before the end of May. I am looking forward to my vacation big time. I leave for Canada next Monday night. Right now.I just went to the Bodega and got myself a snack and a Pepsi and got my friend at work to pistachio packets and water. It's now 3:56 PM I just stepped out of work for the day. It's so sunny it's hard to read my phone screen. I'm wondering if they have one of those cover type things that you can read it when there's blinding sunlight. Anyhow I probably should've left a half hour earlier but I'm hoping I can squeeze in with Dr. Camil between 430 and 530.In news outsideu my inner bubble, The conductor who went 106 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour curve driving an Amtrak train will not be charged with a crime. Amtrak crash happened on May 12, 2015 right outside Philadelphia.Well the big newsflash of the day is that President Trump just fired FBI director James Comey. It was because some  estimony he gave was corrected by the FBI and it may be ade him look like he was hiding something. This ought to be interesting who he picks. Senator Bob Casey called the move "Nixonion." This is because Comey's FBI was in the mist of investigating President Trump's ties with Russia. This one directly in the top of the story for the next 24 to 48 hours. We are definitely going to hear the Nixon comparisons as well. Anyhow back to my world. I left work at 4 o'clock and waited for the doctor and he was open to trying something for the issues that are NOT being helped by the ADD drug. Well I went to the CVS after I looked at a couple of how to books on the Apple Mac. Well the Strattera they don't have and the otcher two that I've been on or not ready to be paid for till May 11. I'm glad it's only two days away. They agreed to give me a two day supply of the Buspar.

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