Saturday, May 06, 2017

Friday, May 5: Anxiety, Rain, Work and 1st Friday

 When I got up in plenty of time feeling like I got a decent night of sleep. I   as up by about 615 or 620. No I was not making babies!!!!  I did take a shower and fiddled around I suppose. The  next thing you know 7:12 AM so I had to go to the to the meeting. Of course the   8 and the 7 bus followed right next to each other.   he anxiety is kicking up to about five on the 1 to 10 scale. That's pretty  fidgety but overall parting shot OK.I'm thinking of disconnecting my phone so I can just concentrate on doing  my data entry. My friend is helping me out with the   ppointments but he doesn't do the data entry. I can't fault him  for that because it's really been a help. You know a trained  chimp can do the data entry it's   ust a lot of it that's all. And the system is very slow so not like you data enter push enter and you're done.  No you   ave to run through a bunch of screens in the system is not running slow that's all. They pay me the big bucks and part of the job is not that hard. It's just in combo with    nreasonable expectations. But I guess it saves a taxpayer money in some sort of way. I'm feeling a little   better it's just we are having The anxiety comes and I feel like it's leaving me a   ittle bit.  It's 5:25 PM at 15th St. I'm feeling a little bit better it's just I  am feeling   ulnerable. The anxiety comes and I feel like it's leaving me a little bit. 
It was good to have a day or all I was doing was data entry on the computer and doing bureaucratic things. I was pretty much left alone. Of course it being Friday the people near me and were in the mood to talk a lot. Sharon discovered that a valuable mirror her mother gave her shattered in the vestibule. She was freaked out because she thought somebody had purposely left it there instead of cleaning it up.I decided to go to 1st Friday. Larry invited me, plus it's not raining outside.  I slept pretty well and I have a little bit of energy. I swear to God while I was talking on my phone this young woman was  staring at me. Glad she's off the train well I decided to go to old city coffee. I decided I shouldn't be sitting near young woman trying to study and talking on the phone I've already been staring at once doing that so no need to do that. Well news outside my work/life bubble Governor Tom  Wolf  has made a new policy that Applications for state employment would not ask about criminal history. I think it's a good idea. Well there will be exceptions to that rule for Public Safety police and serving phone herbal constituencies. I'm guessing that's my job.It's 6:30 PM. Yes, I am sitting here in Old City I am sitting here in Old City Coffee drinking coffee, eating yogurt, and taking a nap. I finished my nap. I'm now updating my blog and listening to big band music from World War II. I then supposed to go to Larry's at 7 PM. Well 1st Friday was not that crowded. There were no street vendors. That was because of the pouring rain went on most of the day. We saw a couple of cool things but the galleries. We then went back to Larry's house. Veronica and I watch law and order and Larry went to a smoke shop till 10 o'clock. Around 10 o'clock Larry got home and I need a catching the bus after I walk from second Norwich to eighth and orange.

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