Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saturday, May 6: Clouds, iCloud, Computers,

 When I got up with the help of Larry and my alarm clock. I threw some clothes   on and was locked out by Tom. The 33 bus driver was very slow but we made it. I met Larry here at the old city  coffee and no they did not have my jacket. Either it was stolen after I left or was it work. Let's hope it's I find it at work on Monday. Until then I'm hoping people to come through   s they said they were going to do unlock the door tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. I'm probably going to go canvassing for this district attorney candidate named Larry Kitchener. Next I'll probably go home and noodle around with the old computer and start saving documents. Part of me just wants to give up and just hope that the portable  hard drive will work. Well the meeting went fine and found out a friend of ours her place had a fire and she lost all her belongings. It happened while  both of them were out. So now she staying in a hotel room.  That really sucks. She's holding up OK though. Well I decided that I would just go straight   ome rather than go canvassing since I don't have a jacket on me in the head don't  have my keys. The keys were not in old city coffee. There either at work or somebod found the jacket  @ Old City   offee and just took it. Apple supposed to call me at 12:30 today which is in reference   to the iCloud acting funky. If that fails again I'm going to try again to   emove the program. Last time windows would not remove the program.
Well I decided to go home and not do canvassing. I figured that I would get at some computer 
stuff completed. I got home chatted with Sharon for a bit and took a nap. That nap was really refreshing. I then attempted to get the iCloud working and that was an adventure by itself. I called Apple Support and they got me loaded on iCloud on the windows iCloud. I thought I was pretty good there of course when I opened up my MacBook Air logged in and everything's I couldn't find any of the saved files that I had thought I'd saved. I called Apple tech 
support for them to help me in to work on a cloud. Then later on I called  another senior help desk advisor with apple and we uninstalled it and then try to reinstall and the installer wouldn't work  then I try to make up a new user in windows and I couldn't get the password that I picked to work so   bviously this was not meant to be and there was no way in gods green Earth that I was gonna intent   o reinstall windows specially since I don't have a back up really of the operating  system. I the decided I would just Cheil down on some Chinese food instead   nd watch YouTube videos I had enough of dealing with iCloud and it's extreme  limitations. I should've listened to my friend earlier not even tried it but I just couldn't   help myself. Sharon fell sleep so I just ordered Chinese food for myself. I talked to my friend for a while and decided to just watch funny
 videos. It was an interesting mostly relaxing day except of course the car alarm and her house kept going off forever and ever and a day of pre-bogus

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