Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday, May 15: Work and Getting Ready to Leave for Canada

 Well I got up this morning getting ready to pack. I gather all my clothes  and lo and behold I could not find my suitcase. The thing is gigantic and large and I don't  know   here the hell I could've stopped it. I mean I know I didn't take it to  the basement so I'm hoping maybe Sharon can find it because she's pretty good at finding stuff.    did put my passport in prescriptions in  my backpack. And I left my clothes folded and piled up so whatever I decide to carry their   t least they are folded. I was hoping to have time to be able to go to target or Ross  supermarket and quickly grab a bag. I'm not so sure if that's realistic since it's the middle   f rush hour. Today was funny. When I went to catch the bus I jumped on the first bus and   ealized I had left my coffee. I tried to get the bus to stop but it didn't.  I caught a bus   bout five minutes later. I wasn't doctor being late which was cool. Basely snack through lunch. I had two bananas and some chips for lunch!    think today was one of my more productive days at work. I  felt more calm than I have in a while. I took care of some business and wrote up 3 sanctions! I left with only  14 alerts left. Dig this! Sharon took about 2 minutes to find my duffel bag that I have. It was stuffed in a laundry basket but I didn't see it this morning.  She couldn't believe  she found it so fast. Sharon was  a really good mood when I left. She felt like I hadn't talk to her in 3 days.  
Well I was either in the emergency room was hanging out with Pat or Larry or ogoing to a meeting. It'll be nice to just to sit on the bus and not do much of anything. I'm at the terminal right now. I bought my tickets at the will call which is basically the kiosk. I have 18 page of tickets. I went and got some vegetable lo mein and a nearby Chinese restaurant. It didn't look like the finest food but it has to be better than the Greyhound food court. So it's it's a nice day to launch a trip it's not too hot not too cold. It's now 6:45 PM. I have about 15 minutes to really eat before I start having to go in a line. My trip starting here I go to New York City and then my next stop might be Syracuse.I'll be up for a while between playing on the phone and taking vantage of the fact that I still have American Internet access for a while. It's now 7:30 PM we are getting on a Bieber bus because greyhound sold out of the New York City buses and contracts out with Bieber. Well that Bieber bus driver drove us pretty fast to New York. We got there in less than two hours. It's now 10:01 PM and I'm just walking around the area of the Port Authority bus terminal. The next bus I catch leaves at 10:45 from gate 22. That same bus will take me all the way  We're just leaving from New York City and his bus go straight to Buffalo. At that point we change buses in Buffalo to go to Toronto I got a seat in the front of the bus. The bus is packed. I'm gonna listen to Dire Straits this bus is very warm as well. It's now 10:54 PM we will arrive in Buffalo around 5:30 AM.

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