Monday, May 01, 2017

Sunday, April 30: Goodbye to April. Goodbye NFL draft

 Now I got up in a decent hour I suppose but I was just really unmotivated and   ired. I wasn't as achy as I thought I might be from   ll the walking and the standing yesterday. I ended up hanging out with Sharon for a while because she didn't have any customers at all   oday. I then finally got my butt moving and went to TD Bank depositing some of the money Pat  gave me. And then I took the bus to West Philly and picked up for things or laundry to her mine and tumor Sherance. I  forgot to save the receipts. I'm not used to being frugal. It might be a good idea if I was. Changing my nature is hi  not easy. I sometimes really like my nature but he gets in the way of society's progress.   ell I'm relax for Sharon we had a nice conversation.  I was running late for Larry's but I just didn't care because I really needed to relax for a   inute and get something to drink. I was extremely fortunate that I caught a 48 as it was  showing up. I Saul a seven go by and had a sneaky suspicion there be a 48 close behind  and I was correct on that. My route up the 48 and Lisa got the Larry's before 530. I'm hoping this  CD downloading it's in a plea pain in the ass. I'm not sure why they can't accept the CD with the TV because   e have the file  I can't stand the technology that CDs have I've never had good luck with them  and I skip CDs and went straight to iTunes. Yes I've truly sold my soul to the Big Apple in the sky.   ell I got the Larry's about 5:15 PM. I could see that she was   rustrated. The only thing we came up with is that the recorder the DVD player is over three or five   ears old. I looked up that is showing Google some of the answers were just  way too much but I found a quick and easy or answer. They put play fine on the   omputer and she got frustrated because the other ones that were submitted played on the TV and I   ould not explain that. Larry then drove me here to set up the chairs and stuff. Well the   oman supposed to make off couldn't make it again and I send it up setting   p the whole place. It wasn't that hard. And that was that. Let me know was pretty good . I then caught the bus back home and came home and chilled out for a bit. There's a bit   f a difficult day but wasn't bad. I've got to get Pap's computer ready. Since he already   aid me give me more impetus I was just running Spybot search and destroy for   ny malware. It was doing a check up but I had to go to work so I had to leave the computer on.

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