Thursday, May 04, 2017

Wednesday, May 3: Hump Day at Sunrise and the Weird

 Why I agree waiting to leave after rush hour is a good idea. 
Well I got up at 6:30 after having a weird drunk dream where I felt hung over. I had to eat a bowl of cereal 330 in the morning to get rid of that nasty taste in my stomach. I just remembered it. It's a nice cool day today. I went to sunrise a little bit late missed part of it but I actually talk to people after the meeting. I felt good. I then started getting really nervous like I was off my meds or something  I was working on my blog post from yesterday which I didn't get to finish. I only seem to work on my blog when I'm in the mood for it. I'm just getting out of work now. I'm heading straight home for a change. I think I'll stop by for a coffee especially if I catch the 33 bus which takes me to 20th St. Tomorrow I have scheduled a bunch of people and I have my group. I realized, that my psychiatrist and therapist are scheduled on  exact same day and time. I called up and the receptionist said she would just squeeze me in. So I think what I'll do is I'll show up at 3:30 or 4 o'clock on Tuesday depending how ridiculously busy it might be 

on May 9. It's a beautiful day out here right now. Ideal weather not too hot not too cold. It's that sweet
spot that we get in Spring for a little while and fall for a little bit longer. 
I feel a lot better than I did this morning. 
I'm very grateful for that. I still haven't done anything about the iCloud thing because I was 
supposed to get a call from Apple and I completely forgot so I missed their call. Tonight would be a good night take care of it since I'm going to get home at a decent hour.Well so far so good on the work front. They have left me alone but I do need to shuffle a couple of sanction packets back  on Friday. It was a bit of an event full day good day everybody

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