Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Tuesday, May 2: Blue, Grey and Sun. A Photographer Dream

 Good day on this second day of May 2017. I rolled around in bed   or a while and decided I just needed to get up since I wasn't going to sleep   oundly anyway and I wanted to make every effort to 10 the sunrise. I wanted to attend even though I know I was going to be  late due to my being distracted showering and looking at the blue gray and son that was in the sky this morning. It was one   of the better meetings I've been to lately. The  room was packed like the good all days and lots familiar faces were there. When the caught the EL pretty quickly   nd I decided to go to the fresh grocer and get some yogurts for $.75 each some bananas and a pizza for one from  Celeste. looks   like it's going to be pretty warm but you're still a nice cool breeze. I've got a whole bunch of   eople coming in. My friend had some good news about her headache that she's had for over a week.  And other stuff which was positive that was great. As of 11:34 AM a total of 4  of my clients came in this morning. If you think I'd be really quiet  or I'm going to get a huge bunch of business later on. So I decided I'd stop by either   he Bodega close to work and get some provisions in case  it gets really really busy. The clouds have returned  and it's been quiet because my supervisor is not here. Well it ended up I only saw six people out of the 23 to 25 people and rescheduled.  This test two weeks it's been the  lowest show rate I've experienced since I've been in the sanction unit. Well right now I am the   anction unit. Well after work I walked out to the most   onderful day. The weather greatly improved between lunch and 5 o'clock. I hung out with   wo friends at work and then took the EL downtown. I decided to go to the hipster coffee  shop called the Elixir Café. I was really fortunate to find a nice comfortable seat that  opened up. Generally there's not a lot of seating left there. So I mail it out there kind of went half asleep towards the end and it was pleasant. I then went to my new person and liked her very much. I then went home and hung out with Sharon and we talked a bit.

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