Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, May 14: Mother's Day in Media and West Philadelphia

 Good Mother's Day to everyone. Sharon's cat Litte T was my breakfast   aking up companion getting me up in the morning. I was finishing my blog from yesterday. It was an eventfull day.
 And today is the Susan Coleman race for the cure. That's where Corman takes a vantage of people's good  wishes and markets pink all  over the place so we just picked out at the bus stop today. A lot of the money seems to go from   erchandising and that organization has been known to be anti-choice  as well. i'm not so sure how they're doing against breast cancer. I am pretty darn sure they're making a a mint today!! Well the bus was six minutes late so  I went to the EL and hope against hope I was hoping to make the 69th St. train going to media. Well I failed to do that so I had to call up Uber and that work to a good extent. The dude from Uber straight up West Chester Pike and then I went to the ATM to get some cash.I had to walk about a half mile down State Road to meet my mother who is picking me up. Well that went OK. And we went down to the Springfield country club. We got there  before Dave Debbie and Heidi which was good. We then went to a buffet breakfast. I have some French toast    little bit a coffee and OJ. I have course feel   loated afterwords but not in any pain. Well David drove me up the Providence Road where the train was going to be coming up soon so I just stepped   ff and cut the trolley back. I took the trolley to the EL. I decided that  I needed a massage before my vacation and to work on the muscles.   hat was a little bit pricey but it was worth the extra 30 minutes I gave myself. I feel some sort of relief they rub   ven in the groin area and the area near my chest which are very tight. My favorite was the elbows   ight in the back that was the best part. Laughter that Pat touch base and said he was already home so  I naturally just walk to eighth and market and caught the EL down to 40th St. The train was pretty crowded but it wasn't a long ride. I got  a couple decent pictures that I put on Instagram. I'm going to order food at Kabobbish.. I hope I don't get horribly bloated . Well today Mother's Day starts off a   week where the temperature will start rising. On Thursday, it will  be 94° here. In Canada it'll be 64°. I'm pretty much   used  o the cooler weather anyway so that will be just fine with me. 
Well the Trump clusterfuck continues. He had admitted he taped  private conversations between him and recently fired FBI Director James Comey. Now Congress wants copies of those tapes if they indeed  exist. One never knows. Trump lies with impunity. Well after that I Took a nap at Pats and then woke up around 6:45 and wait for the 21 but the 21 never bothered to show up. So I took the cab down to the meeting to open up the doors. There's another dude waiting so that was cool he put the chairs up I made coffee and then I met Larry Veronica and Natalie at Saxbys. Well I was a little down after the meeting but talk to a few guys so I feel little bit better. And then took the seven back and that was helpful. With an eight and talk to my sister for about three hours we talked about all kinds of stuff. I enjoyed it. It had the usual topics the family what to do about my personal situation and Trump. Well good night tomorrow's the last day at work and I got things to clean up.

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