Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, May 13: Back at HUP. Dinner and Horror Movies at Cinimug

 Good day. I let  myself to sleep in this morning thinking that your sleep would do   e some good. I think it really did pill but I had this nagging discomfort your migraine and I was hoping it was going to go away with this morning but apparently it's not going   so so I decided to just go to my doctors office. The answering service was of no help. So I took the bus and the trolley to 46 &   altimore. I started to stop at the milk and honey market. It was a nice happy lesbian couple that took   orever to order. I drink all the orange juice was waiting for her to be seen and I put we bought two bananas and jumped in the Uber car.   hen I got the University fan University City family medicine, there was nobody in there so I had hoped that maybe I would be seen just to   ave someone check my guide and let me know whether I'm cool for a few days or weeks or whether I should jump in to the   mergency room. Well the dude said that they would not take any walk-ins after 11 o'clock so I was completely   crewed. It was 1:15 PM I then had to make a decision on my own without the medical advice. I really didn't  want to have to go to the emergency room again I really didn't but  they forced my hand and I didn't know what else to do. It's now 2:50 PM I'm in my hospital down and took my urine sample and feeling a little bit like I'm getting a fever but overall just   ellowing out here waiting to find out what's next.It's now 3:05 PM the two nurses just came  and going to do test on my urine. I'm not feeling that great right now  feel like I'm tired and I'm getting a fever but will test all that stuff  out. GOOD NEWS!! It's not a hernia! Everything's cool. It's either a strained   uscle or inflamed lymph node! Thank   goodness I went during the day because I had no real plans between 130 and 4:30 PM today anyhow The weather  is really nasty so I'm going to have to pay and just go get   ber. Speaking of Uber,everything is cool. It's either a strained muscle or inflamed lymph   node. rates be going up from 1.05 cents a mile the one wing $.10 a mileto fund insurance coverage for drivers. I think it's a smart   dea. I ended up taking the bus home and taking A nice long luxurious shower. It was really needed  that's for sure. I then decided I call Uber and get a ride to the restaurant directly. After Uber spazzed out I rethought  that idea and instead had Uber drive me from my place to brought in Fairmount. I then would catch the Broad Street line to Broad & Tasker. I arrived at Franco & Luigi's on 13th and Tasker. When I got there there was Marie Larry and   eronica. They already got their food and   hen I got my pizza and it was very good overprice brat very good. The place is packed   nd we had a really fun time. After that we walk to the city bug and set up for the movies. Our movie Pablito   was first on the list. Beforehand, Veronica and I both interviewed for a podcast called hunted I'm going to have  to check out   the website to see how well I did during the interview. etc. They also took pictures came out very nice.  I  had a bit of anxiety going on but I managed to pull off the interview.  The movie super pretty good but I was a bit uncomfortable with my body and muscles   being what they are this weekend. My muscle strain is fine right now  I just feel really bloated and thirsty so I'm just walking home from broad and Fairmount the 24th. I bought some health juices and some water. Hi! I am going to my vacation land in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. I am taking the 🚌.

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