Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday, May 1: Mellow and Ok by Me

 Well I woke up this morning early thinking I could catch the meeting possibly  but I decided instead to do some more work on the computer for Pat. He must've read my   ind because he wanted me to check for any malware on the computer. That's what I was doing I had to leave.    quickly got dressed and got to work just in time. I went to the Bodega early and got some provisions  like ice tea and soda etc. So far it's  been quiet so far today which is good I just had  some spicy Indian food that I brought in on Friday. Well, the clouds  kind of took   ver early this afternoon. I finished blog from yesterday and I'm trying to get out three or four sanctions before  the end of the day so get off my back. That's why I've been kind of incognito. Mostly trying to create a spreadsheet   rom the rejections and I had someone help me out with the fonts and   ll that good shit. So far not a bad 4 a Monday. Well I got out of work with no incident. There are 2 things I really need to get done is the computer thing and shave my beard   ecause it's feeling quite shaggy right & prickly now . It really warmed up because this   orning I had a long shirt and a jacket. I was chilly now it's pretty warm.   It's sometimes hard to dress in this weather sometimes! Anyhow, I'm going to a   eeting downtown at 6:45 PM and hopefully picked up my photos that I paid for.  That's the plan anyway. Then I'm going go home and make a decision on the computer on   ow I'm going to save on line. Maybe I'll hit the Apple store in here  one more opinion because all I need is like too many choices ha ha Ha. When    went to the Apple Store and wasn't really that satisfied with the answer because they make it sound   ike oh no problem. So I wobbled home and looked at the iCloud and it was just us frustrating as  I  suspected. I also think that I have doubles of some of my folders and I can't tell. So I just retreated into watching pro football. Well I made it through Monday and that's good

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