Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday, May 17: 1st Day in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

 Well I arrived after midnight to Jeff's place in Sault Ste. Marie. I ended   p hanging out and I got myself settled and ready to relax. The couch was extremely comfortable and I slept very well. I got up  around 10 AM and we hung out and then Jeff and I went to the   convenience store called crazy Ernie's. Ernie long to go   ast it's owned by an Asian family. I got some required food such as milk cereal Pepsi ice tea   nd chips. Part of my nutritious diet. Jeff tells me it cost 275 for a cash fair   n the bus here. Hell that's more expensive than SEPTA & that's saying something!! I took  glorious shower and it's beautiful weather here I mean it's a little cloudy 
  ut it's about 65° and not humid.  When I went to the mall and decided that I would buy some clothes because I forgot to bring T -shirts when I packed. I also needed some socks and underwear is usual. It's cool  because the exchange rate is   eally good and it's Walmart so I bought a whole bunch of clothes for $52.00. I then   ent to the local casino which was in walking distance and got a good exchange   ate turn $52 into $71 Canadian so that was good. We went back to Jeff's place & hung out for a while.   e went to this funky little store that sells a little bit of everything from knives to computers   nd I bought a new wallet at this place. It's called a secondhand look. After that   e took the bus home and hung out for a bit. Just think got a hold of Flo and Flo picked   s up. We went down to harmony like we're slow got a new used trailer to spend our summers. It is a lot more sleeping space than the one I was in last year. We then went to Hayden and  drove around   nd I discovered fiddleheads that grown into the ground and treated like    a salad. We then hung around near Hayden Lake.. It was near where I went   nowmobiling last December. I met some more people there and they're all   ery nice. I meant Jeff's father and he's living the good life in retirement.   e lives up here but he has a place in Florida that he stays in five months of the year. Everybody  there was chilling out and relaxing. Quite a different   cene in the late spring   hat it is in the middle of December. that's what I last was there. We then came back to talk for a while at Jeff's apartment . I met one of his neighbors name Kim is also in the program. We next order chicken from crazy   rnie's convenient store. The wings were a bit dry but the drumsticks for a very very good. Later I watched a little bit of the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals in  their season on the NFL network. I then decided it was probably time to contact my  friend and see about when I can get up to Manitoulin Island. I already checked the bus to  get to Espanola but the bus only comes once today at 10:30 at night so that's not an option. She's been at school doing overnight clinicals and doesn't have a lot of money.

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