Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thursday, May 4: Working, Bad Health Care and Ending w/Anxiety

 Well I just wanted to let myself sleep in this morning and that's what I did. Got up ate some breakfas t and saw Tom start laying there very comfortably. I went without the coffee because    don't have any cash and feel like spending six dollars when I already ate   reakfast. The commute wasn't that a   in full but I did stop by the fresh grocer. I did buy ice tea 2 yogurts and a bunch of   ananas. There's bananas were quite tasty. I did leave a couple left. Work wasn't so bad today. Again not a lot of   eople showed up. I'd say about six or seven people came in.   wo of them were weren't really schedule but I took care of them. So I have a whole bunch of inputting and it   nowledge and they didn't show up work to do. I have to get it done  tomorrow because the report comes out next month and I want my report to reflect all   he people didn't show up. I had leftover spaghetti in my last of my Indian   amosas that I had left. My plan is to go visit Larry at the Starbucks coffee after work. Well we hung   nd we talked about my trip to Canada coming up in  two weeks and about a script called Focalin. We left Starbucks and Larry spent ahead of me because he can't stop.  Well House Republicans passed their bogus version of healthcare reform. It will be brought to the  Senate in June and God knows what will happen when it gets there.  I want to group   nd it lasted till nine. Afterwords I have walked with somebody and started talking   lmost nonstop and my anxiety kicked into high gear was not very lovely. Course it was a   oman I was talking to or what else is new. 
Another thing that amazes me is how people just sit there talking for half hour straight tile stop in the middle of work I'm just baffled by that. Why I pay tension to it that's a prop my God.

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