Monday, May 08, 2017

Monday, May 8: Cool Start and a Beautiful Sky

 I woke up before the alarm this morning around 7:25 AM. 
Decided that I would put a video on YouTube. Well I found out that I was running out of room on my phone. I went ahead and deleted about 70% of the videos I had on the phone. The kind of fun at the time but they quite useless in the long run. I also was editing and making finishing touches to yesterday's blog posting  That went pretty well. Dropbox is still syncing my back up as of this morning. It's been approximately 24 hours since I started the process yesterday. Well I kind of slept walk to the morning cleared a couple things out and now I really have to get serious and write up some packets.
it's now 11:37 AM I got lunch now I'm at the  bear down and write some packets up. I got a congratulations on finding my coat. Well I went  ahead and select along at work. I managed to write up three sections. But I had four but I   iscovered the one person was working and had reported it. I was left alone and that   as a good thing. I didn't get too many phone calls. I noticed   eople in public who have spouses or husbands like to sort of brag about it in public it's very funny.   Well least they do on theEL it's mostly people under 35 for all people under 35 none of them are my age of course. This is when I noticed even those statistics   are saying that less young people are getting married. I  don't see that. Anyhow Igot off the EL and Spring Garden and decided I'd go to the hipster  coffee shop at 3rd between their Fairmount and Spring Garden. I got a   large deca since the decaf Americano is extremely expensive. I think it was   pproximately $4.65. That's how much a frappe at Chino is at Starbucks except for when they have their  half-price happy hours. It's now 6:21 PM I managed to get number  30 on the list. Since I last went in a group meetings about a year or so ago they got rid of tables   nd we sit in the rows of chairs. So I'm sitting here and I'm gonna drink my coffee black out and kill 40 minutes. You have to shop early   o get Pay loan number. Because there certain ones I want to pick that are more convenient since if people don't go I have to fill in the slots.decided to browse the news and I read a very good article in the New York Times while waiting I decided to check out the news. I like Paul Krugman's  article about the  Republicans  Orwellian dishonesty and double speak of what's in the Republican healthcare bill passed by the house. It is an unmitigated disaster the bill.   t's a nice fat tax cuts for the rich! Nothing Republicans like more the tax cuts for the   eally rich. Who else is funding their campaigns. The story about the Penn State student who died in his fraternity house is really disturbing. They just let him die!  YIKES!!😡😞
Meeting went pretty well I got my 3 commitments.It  went all right even if I didn't know that many people.. They got rid of the tables just had rows of chairs which was different than when I last went. The meeting lasted a little bit after 8 PM.Then luckily, the 43 just in time. I made a big difference in how long it took me to get home. I then ate some leftovers and watched YouTube videos of Last week tonight. He talked about net neutrality 
e leftovers and went upstairs to hibernate and talked on the phone for about an hour and finally went to bed. Reason to download to kick in so long is their dropbox downloading the movies last in the movies are obviously the biggest files I have.

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