Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 16: Bus Trip. From Buffalo to sault Ste. Marie

 Good morning. I'm now in Buffalo and we are waiting in a long line to get our passports checked out. It's not a crowded bus hopefully I will be able to find a bus with the charging   eceptacle. I'm really glad I had the portable charger or I would've had a  dead battery a long time ago. I'm hoping also that the bus restroom is clean because the bathroom  at Buffalo was pretty gross. I'm a wee bit bloated right now. I'm just hoping that I get a half decent seat. I didn't   leep all that well on the bus that's for sure. I kind of just zoned out. This bus leaves a t 6:45 AM after passports are checked. Below is a video I made yesterday.  On my way to New York this guy was just talking and   alking and talking. We're about the beginning of the Pa turnpike. Well 7:12 AM they ran about 20 minutes late   etting out of Buffalo I will try to get some rest. Right now we're just sitting here with no air circulating on  the bus waiting for the driver to let us out. Please take out all the luggage underneath the bus  before he'll let us out.  Next, we get get our passports checked one by one. Well I got to Toronto in pretty  good shape. We got here about 10 AM. It's cloudy and with occasional  rain. My departing bus to Sudberry leaves at 1 PM. Well I decided to take it slow and easy and just went to a   offee shop raven walk all over the place. Though I would like to find aBurrito  Boyz . they sell the biggest baddest burritos anywhere! Well the dumpster fire of the trumpet ministration goes on. After his aides denied that he shared secrets to the Russians Trump   dmitted it on   witter! There's a lot of running around going on in the White House.   rump is such a Putz! After I hung out at the coffee shop for a while, I went to this mall   ear the bus station. I exchanged $140 USD to $184 in Canadian cash 😉and then I bought   this Greek salad. I can tell I need a little rroughage in my diet right now😗 The buses and   he credit now but the driver Warren just still be people   oarding. Going to try to eat my lunch and get myself situated before someone   its next to me. Having two seats makes such a difference. I bet the bus garage would  charge extra for 2 seats if they could but they don't have enough buses for that. Also buses are  the economical way to get around. So that would   defeat the purpose. . This Greek salad   s very tasty and I'm feeling about as good as I felt all morning. It's 1:01 PM we should be leaving shortly.  It's now 3:51 PM we're at a rest stop at Gordon Bay. The bus Wi-Fi is practically useless. I've got to get some Internet  going while I'm here waiting in line at Tim Hortons. It's now   :09 PM we just got to the Sudberry bus stop. I have real Wi-Fi until 7:30 PM when   he bus leaves for Sault Ste. Marie. In the world outside my limited Internet reach, Calista Gingrich,   ife of infamous Newt Gingrich is going to be the new ambassador to the Vatican. Yes it's true! You know she had an affair for six years but then again the Catholic Church is pretty good at overlooking sordid stuff. This dude just sat next to me and his four head looks like you got beat up by somebody. Bummer I can't have two seats to myself like I had for the last six hours I I now have to pee. Wel I have only three hours left dryland to St. Murray 

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