Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday, May 11: Work, Meeting and a Trip to the Emergency Room

 Well I originally got up at 6:05 AM and then I decided I just get up anyway eating   reakfast. After I chowed down my cereal and I  did a double check on the computer I'm giving to Pat. To make sure that he doesn't  have to sign in to get into the computer. I think I did it right this time. Well instead   f just taking the one in the morning I took all of them in the morning so I'm sort of took too many. So tonight I just need to skip completely. I   ill  start to everything in the morning. 
Well now it is 4:45 PM seven people did come in. Six on the scheduling one is a walk-in. Was not too bad. I kind of skipped lunch withoutyes realizing it. I just went to the Bodega now. I borrowed five bucks from my buddy Peter to get me through until tomorrow when I get paid. 


HORRAY!  The weather is quickly looking like rain. I had heard it was supposed to only start raining tomorrow in time for the weekend to start. Apparently it's gonna start a little earlier I think. Lisa was going to come and hang out with me after she went and took her cat to the vet but she was very anxious about parking in making the cat wait. Another plan was for her to come up on Sunday but it's Mother's Day and I have a plan @ Noon. I said she could come around two or 3 o'clock. That means she could stay home longer and just stay over for the night and go back the next day. But somehow I don't think that's going to really fit. I'm pushing 3 o'clock for Sunday for her to come down.It's not now 5:12 PM the first droplets of rain are starting to come down. I'm not sure if I'm going to go downtown or just go straight home. I'm not going to group tonight. I do need to get a meeting though. Well the news outside my blog, here is the news blimp. President Trump has denied disaster relief for several central Pennsylvania towns for the March snowstorm. That's what happens when you got a Democratic governor a Republican president. Well a new poll shows that Trump is still holding onto his base. That doesn't surprise me at all they think he does good job and if he doesn't if somebody else's fault just like the president himself. Well I caught the 48 bus and 22nd large and proceeded to go to the OCF &  I got a medium coffee. I never oticed somebody was reading this book called Invisible Summmer.  The review I read  says it's about 4  graduates from Bristol England exploring in 1997 lives after getting their PhD's. . I see the person reading it very young too. I'm probably the oldest person in here. Well ended up just sleeping while leaning on my arm. And I don't do I have meeting. So I'm here at sign ning off at 6:28.After the meeting, I ran to Tom and told about my chest pain so you might want
  to go to the emergency room then I went to the pharmacy pick up my scripts and he suggested the same thing so I called up Pat he drove me to Penn. They're very professional. They did thorough testing . They tested my EKG,  chest x-ray and blood work. I came out with a completely clean bill of health. That was a relief.

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