Saturday, November 27, 2010

Millville Thanksgiving Parade

Yes, it was that time of year again to watch the Millville New Jersey Thanksgiving Parade. First though we celebrated Densie's Birthday at our house and then went to eat at Peking Tokyo Restaurant. We had seats next to a window so we could watch the end of the parade. It was a good chow for sure. We then walked home and I then returned back to watch the parade and hang out at Sitar Bob's place where he was serving Turkey and other vittles. I did get to see the Center City Millville Float and it was one of the better ones. Of course, Santa was there at the end of the Parade. At Sitar
Center City Millville Float

Bob's, I got to watch the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. THAT is one strange yet very entertaining movie for sure!  I really liked I am the Walrus and this song that had the words Death Cab for Cutie  came from. Now I know where that band Death Cab for Cutie got its name. WXPN plays them alot or used to. I got to see some film shorts from September Shorts film festival that Sitar Bob showed several years at Zelphys'. One was called Life in Transistion and the other was called Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager They were fun to see again. The folks were pretty cool there at Bobs. One even wrote about me in Facebook which was pretty silly. I then at the end of the evening talking computers and being a bit paranoid. Well, the holiday is winding down and it got pretty cold as the night went on. It was to be out and see folks I do not see that often. Well got to go now. Its going to be a buzy next few days.
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