Friday, August 08, 2008


20 Years ago, our union SEIU Local 668 went on strike while Bob Casey (father of Bob Casey the new Pa Senator). It lasted 3 weeks during a long dry hot Summer. Going on strike is rough and expensive for everyone involved. This was the only strike I have been involved in my 20 years with the State. The photo are the scabs crossing our picket line and we made the front page of the Norristown Times Herald. This too was a difficult Summer


Carl B. Johnson said...

Scab - that is something I have a REAL PROBLEM with. What you are saying is that someone that is trying to work and feed their family has NO RIGHT TO WORK, because they don't belong to your union. And THAT is one reason I think unions need to be busted - they steal worker's money to pay union bosses insane salaries, and then they do everything in their power to prevent non-union people from earning an honest living, calling them names, and even worse - physical harm, property damage - there need too be "Right to Work" laws so that people like me can work without being harassed by union assholes, like I was in AC doing a mural and a union asshole had to be paid for doing NOTHING!

mkrull said...

All I can say is that social service unions are a tad different then lets say the Teamsters. I would say that working in social services, unions are needed since some like welfare are VERY unpopular and those who with the shitty welfare regulations would not earn a decent wage.
Yes there are union abuses just like corporate abuses. In the US we have a weak labor movement and this state of the middle class is a result. Even w the huge unemployment rate, our leader INCLUDING PRES OBAMA are more concerned with deficit. Maybe if we got more folks working, we would have less demand for government services!!
Our training seems to use the BS verbage to get welfare folks jobs. It sounds all nice but my friend they are competing with people who have REAL WORK EXPERIENCE!!
Can't wait till I can retire from the lies, rhetoric, and over work. Let's not even bring up the commute.