Friday, October 12, 2007

Slumloards of the Year

Here is the Slumlord hall of shame as listed in the Daily Journal:
Below is the name and address of the worst offenders and the link to the Daily Journal article of Oct 12. Its only October but the list is deserving of the dubious title as

James Anthony Cinquina (Millionaires in Millville), P.O. Box 221 Linwood
401 East Vine Street
Edward Metzler, 502 Edgewood Avenue, Collings Lakes
701, 703 North 2nd Street
Housing Authority of Millville, Buck Street
304 East Broad Street
306 East Broad Street
Amr M. Selim, 307 Gravel Bend Road, Egg Harbor Township
424 East Broad Street
William & Donna Raively, P.O. Box 560, Minotola
422 East Broad Street
Abdul S & Irene Sheikh, 2002 East 28th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
320 East Oak Street
Robert & Sheila McCorristin, 122 S. Delancey Place, Atlantic City
322 East Oak Street
Wilfredo Dehoyos, P.O. Box 1672, Pleasantville
430 North 3rd Street
221 South 3rd Street
223 South 3rd Street
Dennis P. Ingraldi, 634 E. Vineland (Vineland Realty Corp.)
403 East Vine Street
427 Mulberry Street
222 South 3rd Street
Lenell Stewart, 480 Maurice River Parkway, Vineland
405 East Vine Street
Toli & Theda Vurganov, 406 Henderson Avenue, Millville
604 East Mulberry Street
Ed LLC & Brian D. Jewell, 1371 Marshall Mill Road, Franklinville
301 North 5th Street
Kenneth Williams, 501-503 Mulberry Street, Millville
501, 503 Mulberry Street
Gasper Oliver, 3562 Laurel Court, Vineland
224-226 Mulberry Street
Michael A. & Denise L. Irion, 1616 Pennsylvania Avenue
217 Mulberry Street
Preston & Anna Centuolo and D. McAnney, 1356 Kirkwood Drive, Vineland
407 Sassafras Street
Preston Centuolo,
He is one landlord that actually spoke to a friend of mine who lives near 407 Sassafras Street. Here is the quote from the Friends of Millville website
"The landlord of one of the nuisance properties. It was refreshing to meet a landlord that actually does care about the neighborhoods. He informed me that until he saw the article in the paper, he had no clue that his property was a problem.Anyway, long story short, he gave me his email and his phone number, and told me to call him whenever there is a problem with any of his properties. He promised to drive right out and address the issue. It is a pleasure to deal with a landlord that does care about the neighborhoods, who wants to be a good neighbor and is willing to work with the city and the residents.
He owns several rentals in the city, and has never received a citation from code enforcement, has never failed a property inspection, and this is the first tenant that he has had problems with."

Bernadette Joseph, 1286 Roosevelt Boulevard, Vineland
100 North 4th Street
Rebecca C. Thompson, 963 Ye Greate Street, Greenwich Township
112 North 4th Street
Lynell Bain, 316 North 4th Street, Millville
316 North 4th Street
Wayne St. Aubyn, P.O. Box 1121, Millville
408 North 4th Street
Melinda B. Guido, 429-431 3rd Street, Millville
429, 431 North 3rd Street
A. Feldman Atlantis Associates and Roy Epstein, P.O. Box 40266, Cherry Hill
425 North 3rd Street
631 Buck Street
Loyce Frank Burgess, 215 East Oak Street, Millville
418 North 3rd Street
Michael Finley & Gwen Etals, 628 Sunset Boulevard, Cape May
415 North 3rd Street
Tammy McCoy, 120 Fernwood Road, Mount Laurel
410 North 3rd Street
Albert R. Detullio, 200 Crescent Boulevard, Millville
301 South 3rd Street
Next Friday LLC, P.O. Box 221, Linwood
301, 303 West Green Street
Vyron Jay Whilden, 618 Church Street, Millville
618 Church Street


Anonymous said...

We are NOT slumlords, but because we have a tenant that is a nuisance, we are being labeled this way. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about a tenant unless there is an arrest, conviction, or proof by the Millville PD that illegal activity has taken place. Talk to the police dept. Otherwise, our property is the nicest on the street inside and out and you can ask our other tenants what they think! Do your research before you slander someone.

-Colin Gillooly

viol8ion said...

Do research? This was reported in the Newspaper. The city of Millville labeled you a slumlord, nobody else!

You need to take better care in who your rent to. Have you ever heard of background checks?

And nobody is telling you to renew a lease once it is up.Better yet, buy rentals in your own town, maybe in your own neighborhood! Once you have to live with the sort of scum you rent to, you might understand our exasperation at having to deal with crime and drugs in our neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

...because everything in the newspaer is 100% accurate. I can understand your frustration, because there are in fact property owners that own multiple properties that just let them rot and collect the money.

To set the record straight:
The tenant was an elderly woman (and yes, her background check came out fine). Her son moved in without notice & the lease was written for only one person. We have sat in many eviction hearings and it is impossible to prove someone is actually living there and not just visiting. Also, you need to learn some NJ state law. BY NJ law, you cannot just not renew someone's lease without a violation of the old lease or cause. We tried this as well. And as far as stereotyping that our tenants are scum, we have only had problems with the one tenant.

Since me writing my first comment, our continous efforts with the Millville Police have finally led to documented police activity and an eviction (and thus a more quiet street). We are also attending the event/meeting that the City of Millville is hosting on June 17th to help landlords clean up the streets.

We invested in Millville because my wife and family are from the area and we wanted to fix up the buildings and improve the area (which we have in fact done). We have not made a profit yet in the four years we have owned the property on East Oak because of all of the improvements and constant repairs we have done. The reason our property was flagged was because there were multiple complaints about our tenant. We had to wait for police reports before we could take action, and we did. After reading this site (and your comments), I question why we keeping spending our money. I guess it's because I grew up in similar apartments with my single mother and sisters and we really DO want to make a difference. I also doubt the city of Millville would label us "Slum Lords" especially when we pay our taxes on time to help support the city.

Millville Crime Watch said...

Friends of Millville applauds your efforts at attempting to maintain nuisance free properties.

We encourage all landlords to attend these free meetings and join the programs that are designed to assist the good landlords in maintaining quality rentals.

A bad rental means more than just ugly, poorly-maintained properties. Bad rentals house bad tenants that destroy the quality of life for every resident in a neighborhood.

We sympathize with every landlord that has unwittingly leased to a bad tenant despite their best efforts to perform thorough background checks, credit checks and rental history checks.

Together we can develop strong policies that will stand up to NJ law that protects criminals and holds honest law-abiding people hostage.

However, we will continue to report on nuisance properties, whether the nuisance is caused by obvious slumlord mismanagement or tenant misbehavior.

By making the choice of purchasing houses that are not even in your own town, all landlords take on the responsibility to still know what is going on at their properties at all times.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you guys are doing and want to do anything we can to help. I guess we would prefer being contacted directly so we can take appropriate action before making a complaint to the city or the newspaper. The complaints obviously fell on deaf ears since I only found out about this blog and the newspaper article when I googled my name on a whim quite some time after the posts and the article. I was always taught if you have an issue with someone, you should confront them. We have a family member living in the area that makes frequent visits weekly and sometimes daily, but cannot be there 24 hours a day. Even if an owner lived a few blocks away, it would be impossible to keep a 24 hour watch on the property. As you know, you can have a crowd of 100 people witness a shooting and "nobody saw anything." If you were to contact us directly, we may have been able to work on the problem faster. If you wrote a complaint letter to me and I ignored it, well then that's a different thing. Then you could in fact call me whatever you want and write my name in the paper. On a side note, if the city also thought we were slumlords, then why would they come to us directly to house a disabled person that now lives in our building and pay us to do it? If we were slumlords then why have we passed all of our state (for multi unit) and city inspections?? Anyway, I hope you can see that there are in fact two sides to every story and instead of labeling or jumping to conclusions, maybe you should just contact the person directly. Maybe you will have better results. Thanks for at least acknowledging the fact that we are spending time and energy. I look forward to putting a face behind the names (or login names) either at this meeting coming up or in the future. We really do want to help, we just need extra sets of eyes.


Millville Crime Watch said...


Thank you for your continued input into this conversation. Indeed there are more than two sides to every story.

For the record, my name is Carl Johnson. I think that I can speak for the members of Friends of Millville when I say that we welcome landlords that care and are willing to do their part.

As a spokesperson for the Center City Neighborhood Group, I invite you to our public meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at the Culver Center on 3rd St at 7pm.

Out goal is to make the area a quality place to live for all residents. We cannot do this without the cooperation of the landlords.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

my mom's melinda b guido,she's NO slumloard it's just the tenants who dont know how to take care of their property!you should find out the truth before spreading rumors.