Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday, April 12: Work and a Ride.

Well I got a text early cause I I was thinking I need to get started because I’m thinking I’m gonna get it interruption. Anyhow I got up and 
my back started to 

 eel a little bit better. I put in some Hydro peroxide for my ears and it just made it worse actually I can’t unclog it so I need to call the doctor today. Anyhow Pat

 needs to pick up a motorcycle so I went with him to pick up his motorcycle. 

We went to Bethlehem PA he picked it up from the guy you spoke Spanish of 

 ourse it took longer than expected. Between talked to the guy going

 to the notary Sarah I went and got lunch and use the restroom in I’m now waiting for him to put on the license for the motorcycle

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11: Rain ☔️ Walking & Talking

Hello. I was really exhausted after yesterday and Friday. I slept in as long as I want it blew off the meeting etc. I then took my sweet old time making 
 reakfast and talking on the phone. I did find time to take a shower and shave my 

 ruesome looking attempt at a beard. I was sent this video about narcissists that 

 eally hit home. She’s really good at explaining it. I think better than anyone I’ve 

 eard on YouTube or otherwise. And I’ve read a lot about Narcissis well not that 

 much but a little bit. I eventually  got
 my ass moving and headed into Ardmore in the drizzle. It is now 3:11 PM I’m almost at Ardmore I’m gonna pull in and I don’t really want to take a walk until the rain comes

 down maybe help Lynne with the computer. We came back and didn’t have time to fix the computer. We did have dinner and I took a nap. We talked for a while nd she drove me back home because it was pouring 

 ain like crazy. The area we took a walk and was beautiful there was a section of nervous that it had its own area and we went to the playground.  It was very green and lush. I kind of felt like you were in Ireland or somewhere like that where it’s always damp and green. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday April 10: A Day to Talk and to Walk

Hi. I woke up a little earlier than usual on a Saturday morning. I woke up around 9:30 AM. There was a zoom meeting about how to cope 
 with Covid.

 Someone was on there that I knew that I like so I wanted to see it. We did see it 

 nd then I had some breakfast. We talked for a while. 

  then decided  to go out alone and take a little mini walk and ended up resting on a picnic bench in this little playground area with tennis courts. We’re 

 oing to go on a real walk and then I’m gonna go home eventually. 

 aybe I’ll actually clean my place or get my place cleaned it’s gotten really

Friday, April 09, 2021

Friday, April 9: Doing Errands

Well today I woke up a little earlier so I could get my MA work support list
 ready to 

 e mailed in case I’m indisposed. I’m driving her to the hospital for a procedure that’s gonna 

 ast about three hours. And then going to come back and pick her up.. turns 
but she didn’t need to be anesthetize and she couldn’t because she ate something. So they’re gonna do with  local 
anitheasa  and should be done at 2:30 and I’ll pick her up 

 pproximately 3 o’clock or so. I got caught up in my work Pat stopped in for a moment and fed me some  delicious lunch combo. Cruelty free indeed. And then picked

 her up at Lankenau Hospital and we came back around 3:30 PM. We got back and chilled out for a awhile. I then made a call to get blood work done for the cardiologist.

 ave an appoint with a cardiologist next month May 10 I believe at 4 o’clock. It’s

 a half telehealth appointment
so that’s not a big deal. He just need to see bloodwork 

  think the last time I had bloodwork was in December so that’s a  significant 

 nough time to see if my cholesterol is down. Well, we watched  Erin Brockovich. 

 t’s very good with Julia Roberts. The movie came out in 1999 I believe. That was quite a few years ago.

Thursday, April 8: A Beautiful Day to Work.

Good day everybody. It’s a beautiful day in early April to work at home. 
I  like working at home because I have a window that radiates sunlight directly to me. Yes,

 o have a window at my office at 8:01 Market but it’s behind me and I’m surrounded
 by a cubicle. At Elmwood there was no windows

 to speak up near my desk. I’m like a flower I need sunlight. Anyhow I 

 orked on the emails and reports since the end of the week is fast approaching. 

 aking one day off really does shorten the week big-time. I did get my MA work support list and 
started to work on that. I worked a little bit late to do that since I’ll be doing errands tomorrow throughout the day. I’m thank God I’m getting 
because I paid rent early to save $200 so Pat could buy another motorcycle.

 It’s worth the $35 I’m gonna be paid because his check cashed before my 

 paycheck and my paycheck comes through
 12:30 AM to 1:30 AM. It’s no harm no foul. Linda and came over and I and  e walked around Melbourne

 for a bit and then. I drank a smoothie got real tired and fast went to bed. There may be a fourth wave of the coronavirus coming up Jesus Christmas